Monday, 25 June 2018

Cheating Bastard (Bastard #1) by Devon McCormack

Short Story
Not a romance
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He can get away with anything… 

Anytime, anyplace. Blake never has problems finding tricks, and he’s learned that half the fun is in doing it behind his boyfriend Todd’s back. But when Todd suggests a threesome to reignite their relationship, the opportunity to bring in one of his regulars and dupe his boyfriend right under his nose is too tantalizing to resist. 

Todd loves Blake, but after Blake’s cancer treatments, it seems nothing Todd does can excite him. For six months, he’s waited patiently for his boyfriend’s interest to return, but it’s clear if he doesn’t do something drastic, nothing will change. In a desperate attempt to save their relationship, he suggests a threesome. He expects it to be difficult. He expects to get jealous. What he doesn’t expect is to have the hots for their new toy…and for both of them to want Blake out of the picture. 

Warning: This story contains violent, brutal, and sadistic situations that some readers might be uncomfortable with. Although Devon McCormack writes romance, this is not a romance and does not contain a happy ending. Look elsewhere for love because here there is only pain, darkness, and sadism.


I’m not usually a fan of books that come with warnings. In my opinion the blurb in combination with the title and cover should tell the reader whether they should expect a romantic story or something else, something a lot darker or even something that has nothing to do with love at all. I’ll make an exception for Cheating Bastard. As the warning in the blurb states, readers need to look elsewhere for love because what happens on these pages has absolutely nothing to do with that particular feeling.

And yet, despite paying attention to the warning, I still wasn’t prepared for what I read, or rather, for how the story ended. For obvious reasons I can’t go into that in any detail, but I will say that Devon McCormack squashed any hope I harboured for a few chapters that there might be a solution to all the fucked-up ‘shittery’ Blake inflicted on Todd and Kyle.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I love stories that are different from the usual fare, and to say Cheating Bastard is different would be a gross understatement. Having said that, two days later I’m still not sure how I feel about the story or how it ended except to say that I’m fascinated by the mind who conjured all of this up.

Long story short I would say that you should only read Cheating Bastard if you are prepared to have your heart torn out of your chest, thrown to the floor and danced upon. But, if you enjoy that sort of thing, this book will be right up your street.

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