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Ithani by J. Scott Coatsworth - Release Blitz


The final MM sci fi book in J. Scott Coatsworth's "Oberon Cycle" trilogy is out - "Ithani"!

Time is running out.

After saving the world twice, Xander, Jameson and friends plunge headlong into a new crisis. The ithani--the aliens who broke the world--have reawakened from their hundred millennia-long slumber. When Xander and Jameson disappear in a flash, an already fractured world is thrown into chaos.

The ithani plans, laid a hundred thousand years before, are finally coming to pass, and they threaten all life on Erro. Venin and Alix go on a desperate search for their missing and find more than they bargained for. And Quince, Robin and Jessa discover a secret as old as the skythane themselves.

Will alien technology, unexpected help from the distant past, destiny and some good old-fashioned firepower be enough to defeat an enemy with the power to split a world? The final battle of the epic science fiction adventure that began in Skythane will decide the fate of lander and skythane alike. And in the north, the ithani rise…

Oberon Cycle Trilogy

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Book 1: Skythane:

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Book Two: Lander:

Dreamspinner eBook | Dreamspinner Paperback | Amazon Kindle | Amazon Paperback | iBooks | Barnes & Noble | Google Play | Kobo | QueeRomance Ink | Goodreads


Scott is giving away a $50 Amazon gift card and ten copies of "The Stark Divide," the first book in his other trilogy,  his other trilogy, "Liminal Sky," with this tour. Enter via Rafflecopter:

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Venin stood under the dome of the chapel, the waters of the Orn rushing past the small island to crash over the edge of the crater rim, where they fell a thousand meters to the broken city of Errian below.

The Erriani chapel was different from what he was used to back home. The Gaelani chapel in Gaelan had sat at the top of a tall pillar of stone, open to the night sky, a wide space of grass and trees that intertwined in a natural dome through which moonlight filtered down to make dappled shadows on the ground.

This chapel, instead, was a wonder of streaming sunlight, the columns a polished eggshell marble with glimmering seams of gold. Red creeper vines climbed up the columns, festooned with clusters of yellow flowers that gave off a sweet scent.

Both were bright and airy, but the Erriani chapel lay under a dome supported by fluted marble columns, a painted arch of daytime sky and the rose-colored sun blazing overhead.

The last time he’d gone to chapel had been with Tazim, before his untimely death.

Long before the troubles that roiled the world now.

Something drew him back. A need to reconnect with his past. To bridge the gap between then and now, between who he was and who he had become. Taz would have liked this place.

The chapel here had survived the attack, while much of Errian had not. The city below was a jumble of broken corrinder, the multistory plants that were the main building stock for the city. They would grow again, but the sight of the city’s beautiful white towers laid low struck him to the core.

So had Gaelan looked, after the flood.

Venin turned back to the chapel and unlaced his boots, baring his muscular calves before he approached the fountain that splashed at its center. The cool flagstone beneath his feet sent a shiver up his spine, and green moss filled the gaps between the stones.

Some builder whose name was lost to time had tapped into the river itself to make the fountain run, and the water leapt into the air with a manic energy around the golden statue of Erro, before falling back down to the pool.

Venin knelt at the fountain’s edge on one of the well-worn pads, laid his hands in the shallow water, and let his wings rest over himself, making a private place to pray.

Erro and Gael, spare us from danger and lift us up into the sky with your powerful wings. He gave Erro deference, being that this was his chapel, but he hoped Gael would hear him too. The god of his own people had been known to intervene in mortal affairs before, and if what Quince had told them about these ithaniwas true, they would need all the help they could get.

Venin’s wings warmed.

He looked up in astonishment to see the statue of Erro giving off an intense golden glow. His mouth dropped open, and he stood and stared at its beautiful male curves and muscles. Maybe the gods were answering him.

Venin reached up and touched the statue’s outstretched hand. The shock knocked him backward onto his ass, and he hit the ground hard, slamming into one of the marble columns.

Venin groaned, stunned, and reached back to feel his wings and spine. He seemed to be in one piece.

Taz would have laughed his ass off at the whole thing.

After a moment he sat up cautiously. He wrapped his arms around his legs and stared up at the statue, his chin on his knees.

The glow was gone.

Did I imagine it? He stood and felt the back of his head. A lump was already forming there. That’s gonna leave a mark.

Something had changed. Venin didn’t know what yet, but he was sure of that much.

He pulled his boots back on and laced them up. With one last suspicious glare at the statue, he turned and stepped out of the chapel, taking a deep breath of the moisture-laden air.

Then he leapt into the sky to soar down to the broken city.

Author Bio

Scott lives with his husband of twenty five years in a Sacramento suburb, in a cute little yellow house with a brick fireplace and two pink flamingoes out front.

He inhabits in the space between the here and now and the what could be. Indoctrinated into science fiction and fantasy by his mom at the tender age of nine, he quickly finished her entire library. But he soon began to wonder where all the queer people were.

After coming out at twenty three, he started writing the kinds of stories he couldn't find at Crown Books. If there weren't many queer characters in his favorite genres, he would will them into existence, subverting them to his own ends. And if he was lucky enough, someone else would want to read them.

His friends say Scott's mind works a little differently than most - he makes connections between ideas that others don't, and somehow does more in a day than most people manage in a week. Although born an introvert, he forced himself to reach outside himself, and learned to connect with others like him.

Scott's stories subvert expectations that transform traditional science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary worlds into something different and unexpected. He runs both Queer Sci Fi and QueeRomance Ink with his husband Mark.

His romance and genre fiction writing brings a queer energy to his stories, filling them with love, beauty and power. He imagines how the world could be - in the process, he hopes to change the world, just a little.

Scott was recognized as one of the top new gay authors in the 2017 Rainbow Awards, and his debut novel "Skythane" received two awards and an honorable mention.

You can find him at Dreamspinner here, Goodreads here, on Amazon here, on QueeRomance Ink here, and on Facebook here.

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Snowed in: Nen and Anani by Nell Iris - Release Blitz

Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK | JMS 

Length: 22,312 words

Publisher: JMS Books 


It is time to go to my son.

Nen waited to hear those words from the Vasilissa for fifteen rotations, since that time the snow wouldn’t stop falling. But now that he’s about to meet Anani, the love of his life, again, he’s afraid. What if Anani doesn’t feel the same anymore?

Anani, the guardian of the water element, was only seventeen when he was banished from his mother’s court. Heartbroken he couldn’t be with the one he loved, he lost control over his emotions and his power. No matter what he tried, the snow wouldn’t stop, and as a last resort, he was sent away.

When they finally meet again, Anani is hopeful but disillusioned. The law that kept them apart hasn’t changed. How will they be able to find their happily ever after?

And what happens when the snow starts falling again?


A third knock hushes the forest even more. Not a single insect can be heard. Is the wildlife waiting for me to leave? Is he? Would he answer if I call out to him? Or will the sound of my voice make him even more resolved to stay behind the closed door?

Before I have time to come to a decision, the door is yanked open and he appears in the opening.

The Vasilieu.

Oh, great Spirit, still my heart!

He is magnificent!

He is willowy tall and has grown so much these last fifteen rotations, reaching me to my nose, standing over a head taller than any other member of his family. He’s dressed like a commoner in a tunic and pants even plainer than my own -- where's his kaftan? The clothes hug his body and reveal every long sinewy muscle in his legs and arms.

Hair as white as newly fallen snow is parted in the middle and hangs straight to his waist. His nose, slightly upturned, gives him a mischievous look. His pale lips, imperceptibly darker than his skin color, are pillowy but set in a severe line.

But it's his eyes that draw my attention. Pale blue eyes staring at me as if he can't believe what he's seeing. After a few heartbeats, they widen, and he lets out a gasp.

A wave of emotions hit me square in the chest. What was muted just moments before grows into an avalanche as though he let them loose, or lost control of them. They overwhelm me; I physically feel them, poking and prodding my breast, invading my heart. I stagger a few steps backward and sink to my knees without hesitation. I don't avert my gaze. "Vasilieu."

He narrows his eyes. "Do not call me that. You know my name. Use it."

The barrage of his emotions intensifies, making it hard to breathe but easy for me to identify them. Disbelief. Uncertainty. Hope.

... Happiness?

Yes, definitely happiness.

"Anani," I whisper. Never before have I uttered his name, not even alone in the night. Saying it now is terrifying and freeing all at once. And it feels right, as though my lips are meant to say it. Whisper it in his ear as our limbs are entwined and sweaty.

He surges forward and throws himself on his knees before me. Cups my cheeks and lets his thumbs caress my beard. His gaze flits over my face as if though he's trying to take in all the changes that have happened since we saw each other last. The crow's feet by my eyes. The corners of my mouth that are downturned from the lack of smiling. The first gray at my temples in a sea of black, bristly hair.

I'm an older, more tired-looking version of the man who watched him walk away all those rotations ago, while he's more breathtaking than ever.

"Vasilieu. Don't kneel before me. It's not proper."

"Nen. Oh Nen. Is it really you?" he asks as if he didn't hear my plea. His hands explore my face; the fingertips linger in my wrinkles and lines, sending sparkles through my body. He tugs lightly on my beard and gazes into my eyes. I wonder what he sees.

"Vasilieu. Anani." The second time I use his name is even more momentous. "Stand, I beg you."

He sits back on his heels. "What are you doing here?" His disbelief melts away. Clearly, he trusts his own eyes and what he can see before him. Confusion takes its place. With grace, he rises to his feet, bends down to grab my hands, and pulls me to standing with little help from me. Spirit, he is strong!

He doesn't let go.

Author Bio

Nell Iris is a romantic at heart who believes everyone deserves a happy ending. She’s a bona fide bookworm (learned to read long before she started school), wouldn’t dream of going anywhere without something to read (not even the ladies’ room), loves music (and singing along but, let’s face it, she’s no Celine Dion), and is a real Star Trek nerd (“Make it so”). She loves words, poetry, wine, and Sudoku, and absolutely adores elephants!

Nell believes passionately in equality for all regardless of race, gender, or sexuality, and wants to make the world a better, less hateful, place.

Nell is a forty-something bisexual Swedish woman, married to the love of her life, and a proud mama of a grown daughter. She left the Scandinavian cold and darkness for warmer and sunnier Malaysia a few years ago, and now spends her days writing, surfing the Internet, enjoying the heat, and eating good food. One day she decided to chase her lifelong dream of being a writer, sat down in front of her laptop, and wrote a story about two men falling in love.

Nell Iris writes gay romance, prefers sweet over angst, and wants to write diverse and different characters.

Twitter @nellirisauthor

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Eagle in the Hawthorn (Rowan Harbor Cycle #7) by Sam Burns

Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK 
Exclusive to Amazon and Available to Borrow with Kindle Unlimited

Length: 45,000 words approx.

Cover Design: Melanie Farlow @ Clause & Effect

The Rowan Harbor Cycle Series

Book #1 - Blackbird in the Reeds - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #2 - Wolf and the Holly - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #3 - Fox and Birch - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #4 - Hawk In The Rowan - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #5 - Stag and the Ashe - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #6 - Adder and Willow - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #6.5 - In Any Light - Amazon US | Amazon UK


Rowan Harbor has had a tough winter, and Devon Murphy wants nothing more than to make it better. When he proposes a solution to the town’s low morale, it creates a rift in his relationship with his boyfriend, Wade. They’ve hardly ever argued, and when things get tense, Devon has no idea how to handle it.

But an evil presence in his town targets the people Devon loves, he has to put his personal worries aside and face danger down again. Will he be able to protect his town, and if he can, will Wade be waiting for him when it’s done?

Author Bio

Sam wrote her first fantasy epic with her best friend when she was ten. Like almost any epic fiction written by a ten year old, it was awful. She likes to think she’s improved since then, if only because she has better handwriting now.

If she’s not writing, she’s almost certainly either reading or lost down a Wikipedia rabbit hole while pretending to research for a novel.

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Passion, Pleasure, Pain: An Anthology of Dominance and submission

Title: Passion, Pleasure, Pain: An anthology of Dominance and submission
Release Date:  February 14, 2019
Cover Art: Lesli Richardson
Editors: Sandy Ebel from Personal Touch Editing,
Ekatarina Sayanova from Red Quilled Editing LLC, Tracy Damron-Roelle

Keywords:  BDSM, Contemporary, Erotic, Romance, Dominance Submission
D/s, MF, MM, Gay, Historical, Voyeurism, Spanking, Apparatus, Bondage,
Interracial, Older hero/heroine, Transgender, Futanari, May/December, Addiction,
Dark, MMF, Political romance, Political fiction, Governor Trilogy, Ménage, Shifters,
Hotshot, Fire Fighter, Wildfire, Friends to Lovers

In each other they found the piece of themselves they hadn't even realized was

This D/s anthology was put together by writers who hold author, Doris O'Connor,
near and dear to their hearts because the genre is one that was near and dear to
Doris as an author. #F*ckCancer #WeLoveDoris

Titles, blurbs, & author links:

You Belong to Me by Lynn Burke
Alabaster by Kastil Eavenshade
Risqué by London Saint James
Back on Top – A Wylde Shore Novella by Jan Graham
Hell’s Mercy by Katherine Wyvern
Deb by Name, Sub by Nature by Raven McAllan
Once Upon a Time by Erin M. Leaf
Shade Addiction by Lea Bronsen
Yes, Governor by Lesli Richardson
Entwined by Elyzabeth M. Valey
Burn by DC Stone
Claimed by the Stranger by R. Brennan

You Belong to Me by Lynn Burke

My entire life is one bold-faced, fucking lie. Son of Victor Laurent and sole heir
to the entire Laurent fortune built up from a few great grandfathers back in the
Civil War times, I’ve been raised—groomed—to be the perfect Southern gentleman.
Proper and full of self-control, a man who can keep hold on the vices that help me
live my daily life of pure, fucking drudgery.
I know what it means to be controlling not just of myself but of the woman who
will one day kneel at my feet. The one who belongs to me, however, is promised
to another—and claiming what is mine could cost me everything.
Author Bio
Lynn Burke is a full time mother, voracious gardener, and scribbler of spicy romance
stories. A country bumpkin turned Bay Stater, she enjoys her chowdah and
Dunkin Donuts when not trying to escape the reality of city life.
Author Links: Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | 

Alabaster by Kastil Eavenshade

Alixandre Chastain enjoys the darker side of Paris. A Libertine by trade, no flesh is
barred from his roaming hands, no matter what lay betwixt their legs. Except when
news of his lustful ways reaches his God-fearing parents, they strip him of title
and cast him out. Alixandre’s now adrift and with an uncertain future, but an
interesting proposition by Comte Phelipe Richelien promises to replace everything
he lost with a new world of decadent pleasure like no other.
But can Alixandre submit to his new Master? And will his guarded heart be laid bare
by one spoken word—Alabaster.
Author Bio:

Kastil Eavenshade is multi-published author pandering her romantic shenanigans.
When not catering to the whims of three rescued kitties, she’s dreaming up her
next heart-beating tale. No period in history–past, present, or future–is safe from
the clutches of her muse.

Her passions beyond writing are drawing, cooking, and watching Pittsburgh Penguins
hockey. She credits her parents for her free spirit as they’ve always supported her
in every aspect of her life. Without them, she wouldn’t be here. She finds pleasure
in writing anything from fantasy to romance-which sometimes parallel each other.
Author Links: Website

Risqué by London Saint James

Camilla Maria Campanelli. I’d caught glimpses of the woman when she popped
into my Manhattan gallery—there to collect a commission for the paintings we
sold for her. So let’s just say I never expected the wet-dream version of Camilla
to sashay into Indigo House, an exclusive member’s only club that catered to
very specific clientele with extremely particular desires.
The night I stepped out on my balcony, I hadn’t intended to be a voyeur though I
ended up being one. And what shocked me even more than my uncharacteristic
behavior? I’d actually been aroused watching two strangers get their kink on.
But I wasn’t into D/s. I’d never even read those Fifty Shades books all my sisters
went on and on about.
So why was I affected?
I needed some real, solid answers. And there was only one way to do that.
Author Bio:

London Saint James has lived in many places but never felt “at home” until she
met the real-life man of her dreams and settled down in the beautiful Smoky
Mountains of Tennessee. London lives with her husband and their fat cat who
thinks he owns them. As an award-winning, international bestselling author,
London is living her childhood dream. She knew all the scribbling she did, that
big imagination of hers, and all those clamoring characters running around in
her head would pay off someday.
Author Links: Web | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | BookBub | Goodreads
Back on Top – A Wylde Shore Novella by Jan Graham

Barry Reid never imagined becoming friends with three Doms and their subs would
change his life so dramatically. When he settled into marriage and family life with
his wife, Meg, he set aside his dominant tendencies, happy to lead a vanilla life.
With Meg’s newfound interest in BDSM it’s up to Barry to connect with his inner Dom
and figure out how they can make the lifestyle work for them—even if it’s only in
the bedroom.

Author Bio:

Jan Graham is an author of Contemporary Romance and Romantic Suspense. Her
stories contain erotic elements, with some including elements of BDSM. She has
numerous published titles to her credit, with more to come once she overcomes
her current bout of procrastination. Jan lives in Newcastle, Australia where she
writes, reads, feeds her Netflix addiction and drinks coffee with friends.
For those who enjoy labels and tags, as well as being an author, Jan is a submissive,
an aunt, dyslexic, a lover of all things tempting and naughty (including chocolate),
a participant in the BDSM community, a widow, an orphan, and sometimes a wild
In short, she is generally a bit of an eccentric who lives her life slightly left of
center. You can find out more about Jan and her work by visiting the following

Author Links: Website | Facebook | Amazon | Twitter | Pinterest | 

Hell’s Mercy by Katherine Wyvern

Wealthy, charismatic, influential and damn near immortal, Lukan Løvensgård looks like
natural Dom material, and in fact he has never, but never submitted to anyone in his
long life. But among all the bizarre and fantastic people roaming the far planet of
Cydonia, there is one who stole his old, cold heart.

Her love comes at a price. Complete surrender.

With her impressive presence and unusual equipment, Helenay is the hottest and
trendiest professional Domme in Neu Venedig and she hardly has the time to top
for pleasure these days.  But she knows what her old friend Lukan needs,
something he never suspected. Release from power.

Author Bio:

I have entered that age when looking at beautiful male models in their prime
probably makes me a cougar, ahem.

Almost all my heroines are short: that’s because I look at the world from hobbit
level. Being so small I am three times more concentrated (read: obsessive) than
anybody I know. I am exhaustingly creative in writing, arts, crafts...
Sometimes my brain gets friction burns from hurtling at such speed from one
universe to the next.

I love animals, plants, and occasionally even people.

Like Highlander I come from a lot of different places. I was born in Italy but lived
here and there and consider myself simply and deeply European. I love Europe
passionately, its antiquity, its diversity, its quirkiness. All my books are set in Europe,
or alternate versions of it.

I have been writing since I can remember.

Or follow her on Instagram @katherinewyvern

Deb by Name, Sub by Nature by Raven McAllan

He can command his men…
But can he command Deborah?
Major Oliver Cantor, newly back from the continent, has always wanted Deborah.
However she is an innocent. A lady who has no idea just what Oliver wants, needs
and desired.
Or does she?
She knows he is dominant and wants someone to be his submissive.
She also knows it should be her.
Now all she has to do is persuade him of that fact.
You’d think it would be easy, but…

Author Bio:

Raven lives in Scotland, along with her husband and their two cats—their children
having flown the nest—surrounded by beautiful scenery, which inspires a lot of
the settings in her books.

She is used to sharing her life with the occasional deer, red squirrel, and lost tourist,
to say nothing of the scourge of Scotland—the midge.

Her very understanding, and long-suffering DH, is used to his questions unanswered,
the dust bunnies greeting him as he walks through the door, and rescuing burned
offerings from the Aga. (And passing her a glass of wine as she types furiously.)

Author Links: Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter

Once Upon a Time by Erin M. Leaf

Charlie has never been in love because he’s never believed in happily ever after.
He prides himself on being a good friend and a good Dom, and that’s always been
enough for him, except lately nothing feels right. He doesn’t know if he’s having
a mid-life crisis or what, but his best friend suddenly looks hot as hell, and
nothing about that is normal.

Ryan’s straight friend Charlie has always had his back: when he came out, when
he got married, and when his husband died. He’d do anything for the guy he’s
been secretly in love with forever. So when Charlie suddenly proposes a spanking
scene under the guise of “relaxing” him, he almost runs the opposite direction.
Except, what if this is his one chance to finally show Charlie what real love feels

Author Bio:
Erin M. Leaf is a romance novel devotee, the steamier the better, with a specialty in
edgy erotic tension.

Author Links: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Amazon | Goodreads | Evernight

Shade Addiction by Lea Bronsen

Ex-boxer Mike Logan struggles to put a brutal past behind and make ends meet
as a bus driver. When a young runaway settles for an all-night ride, he seizes
the chance to do a good deed—get her home safely. But first, they’ll drive
around and talk.

What he doesn’t anticipate is that this broken night angel is also a sexy little
minx needing a lot more…and not just the gentle kind.
Author Bio:
Award-winning author Lea Bronsen likes her reads hot, fast, and edgy, and strives
to give her own stories the same intensity. After venturing into dirty inner-city
crime drama with her debut novel Wild Hearted, she divides her writing time
between psychological thriller, romantic suspense, historical romance, and
dark erotic romance.
Yes, Governor by Lesli Richardson

As chief of staff to the governor of Florida, Carter has a well-deserved rep as a
bastard extraordinaire. But when he’s dealing with two governors for the price
of one on Christmas Eve, will the Master find himself outmatched and
outmaneuvered by his wily political pets?

Note: This standalone short story takes place after Chief (Governor Trilogy 3)
and can be read as a standalone independent from the trilogy.
Author Bio:

Author Lesli Richardson, who is better-known by her more prolific wild-child
Tymber Dalton pen name, lives in the Tampa Bay region of Florida with her
husband (aka “The World’s Best Husband™”) and too many pets. She writes a
wide variety of heat levels and genres, from mainstream sci-fi all the way to
scorching ménage.

The two-time EPIC award winner and part-time Viking shield-maiden in training
loves to shoot skeet and play D&D with her friends. She’s also the bestselling
author of over one hundred and fifty books and counting, including
The Reluctant Dom, the Governor Trilogy, the Suncoast Society series,
the Love Slave for Two series, the Triple Trouble series, and many others.

She lives in her own little world, but it’s okay—they all know her there.

Author Links: Website

Entwined by Elyzabeth M. Valey

Mallory Brown doesn't go home with strangers, and while she's all for a great
spanking, she doesn't do BDSM relationships. Fantasizing is more her speed.
And when she catches a glimpse of Master Murphy, fantasies fill her brain.

But Master Murphy has other plans. He enters her life full-steam and won't take no
or an answer. While she's compelled to say yes, is she really ready to say goodbye
to her world as she knows it to become permanently entwined with His?
Author Bio:

Ely Valey is a writer of sizzling, sexy romance who firmly believes in happy ever
after. From paranormal to contemporary, fantasy, or historical, she enjoys
exploring her characters' darker side and writing stories about tortured heroes,
strong heroines, and all that comes between them and their love.

When she's not writing, she can be found walking in the Spanish countryside with
her black Lab and Golden Retriever mix, exploring castles, or enjoying some tapas
with her friends and family.
Author Links: Website | Blog | Facebook | Instagram | Goodreads | 

Burn by D.C. Stone

Cain Silvers is the Captain of one of the nation’s best Hotshot fire fighter groups
there is, and his world has turned upside-down when his best friend’s kid sister,
Chloe Crowley joins the team. Chloe has always made him uneasy with her
attraction to him, something he refused to act on because of who she was
and how innocent she is.

Chloe wants to make a difference in the world, and following her passion to
become one of the few females in an all-male industry is just the start.
She’s set on proving herself to her team, but still follows her own rules,
ones that could get her into a lot of trouble.

Passion collides with desire in their story, leading up to actions that could burn
Author Bio:

DC Stone has over sixteen years of investigative experience, including working as
a criminal investigator in the United States military. She currently works as an
internal affairs investigation manager by day and a romantic suspense author by
night. She has her Master’s degree in Criminal Justice and is dubbed,
“The Investigative Whisper.” She provides numerous workshops that help authors
gain insight into “digging” into a character’s mind to better understand motives,
create suspense, and help maintain conflict.

When she isn’t trying to solve a new puzzle in the world of fraud, she is engulfed
with coffee, her laptop, and all those crazy characters in her head. She is a
member of the Romance Writers of America, New Jersey Romance Writers,
RomVets, RWA Kiss of Death, and the Liberty State Fiction Writers.
She served as the 2014 Vice President and Conference Chair for NJRW.
Author Links: Facebook page | Facebook profile | Website

Twitter: @DCStoneauthor