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Introducing Sue Meadows and No Stone Unturned Editing Services

And now for something completely different…

You will be used to me sharing my thoughts on the books I read and you may have noticed I frequently post about upcoming releases too. Today however, I’m sharing a post about someone who is very important to me as a writer. Allow me to introduce you to:

Sue Meadows has edited three of the six books I’ve published so far and, while I have no complaints about the other editors I’ve worked with, I have to admit that improving my stories with Sue’s assistance has been both a pleasure and a learning experience. I am already looking forward to working with her again on my next story, early next year.

Sue is an ultimate professional when it comes to her edits, schedule and feedback. But more than that, she has also proven herself to be nothing short of saint as far as working with someone as clueless as I am when it comes to the intricacies of storytelling and the English language, is concerned. I can honestly say that my books would be nowhere near as good and readable as they are, if it hadn’t been for her input.

Just in case you need proof of what I’ve said above, here’s an excerpt from Renewal, the last book she edited for me.


“Where are you going?”

Chris kept his voice soft and his tone mild. He’d woken to find himself alone in bed with Shane standing near the door, pulling on his trousers. The room was dark, only the glow of street lights filtering through the curtains, which meant it had to be the middle of the night.

Everything Chris knew about Shane told him the man spooked easily and that was the last thing he wanted to do. Not until he was sure he had a reason to be upset anyway. He reached out and turned on his bedside light.

“Home.” Shane looked anywhere except at Chris’ face.

“Without waking me up and saying goodbye?” Chris asked, again making sure his voice held no accusatory note, just curiosity.

Even in the faint light from his bedside lamp Chris recognized the heat rushing to Shane’s cheeks. “Maybe I am that big a bastard after all.”

A smile tugged at Chris’ lips as he slowly shook his head. “I don’t think so. Whatever is going on with you right now, I don’t think it has anything to do with you being a bastard.”Please let me be right about that.

Shane opened his mouth to interrupt, but Chris continued before he had a chance.
“I know you’re not going to tell me what is going on, and that’s fine. But don’t be a fool. Stay. Come back to bed and sleep. The fact that you do doesn’t have to mean anything unless you want it to.”

“I don’t get it.” Shane didn’t push his trousers down but, much to Chris’ relief, he made no move to put his shirt on either. “Why are you doing this? What are you getting out of it?”

Now we’re getting to the crux of the matter. “Who says I need to get anything out of you sleeping in my bed?” Chris asked. “You look and sound exhausted. Why does my invitation have to be anything other than an offer to help?”

Shane sat down at the bottom of the bed, his face turned away from Chris. “Because it doesn’t work like that. Not in my life. There’s always a price.”

Chris cursed the fact that he couldn’t see Shane’s expressions. His tone of voice held a distinct note of despair, but without being able to see his face Chris couldn’t be sure he’d heard him right.

“This isn’t just about your life though, is it?” He asked, picking his words carefully despite his sleep-addled brain making it hard to think straight. “I don’t keep tabs. You don’t owe me anything just because I fed you and allowed you to sleep here.” His irritation got the better of him. “Don’t confuse me with someone I’m not.”


And if that is not enough for you and you’d like to read more, you can find a (not really safe for work) excerpt on the Pride Publishing website … right here.

Finally, and, most importantly here are the details about Sue and the fabulous service she offers. Go check her out. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

No Stone Unturned Editing Services

Open for business since 5th September 2017. 

With five years experience as an editor for Totally Bound/Totally Entwined Group, Sue is now available for full editing services, from structural to final proofread.

Rates made available upon request.

Contact: Email | Facebook

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