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Come, Play - An Erotica Charity Anthology - Release Blitz

Book Title: Come Play - An MM Erotica Charity Anthology

Authors: Quin Perin, A.G. Carothers, E.M. Denning, Emma Jaye, K.C. Wells, 

Lynn Van Dorn, Luna David, Sara Dobie Bauer, T.M. Chris, T.S. McKinney

Cover Artist: Morningstar Ashley

Release Date: June 11, 2019

Genre/s: M/M Erotica, M/M BDSM

Trope/s: Including hurt/comfort, first time, forbidden and others

Themes: Anthology includes BDSM and erotica. 

It has a wide variety of tastes/themes

Heat Rating: A mix of 4 and 5 flames. 

This anthology features a collection of erotic MM short stories. 


Watch and Learn if the Coach’s Little Kitten can be Tamed.

Follow the Doctor’s Orders and read all about Brotherly Love.

Understand Abstract Love and then take a peek at A Kink Chronicles Short.

It’s all about Pretty Boys, The Kiss, and Particular Tastes bundled up in this must-have erotic anthology.

Come, play with us.

Abstract Love by Sara Dobie Bauer

A Kink Chronicles Short by Luna David

Brotherly Love by Lynn Van Dorn

Coach’s Little Kitten by Quin Perin

Doctor’s Orders by Emma Jaye

Particular Tastes by T.S. McKinney

Pretty Boy by E.M. Denning

Tamed by T.M. Chris

The Kiss by A.G. Carothers

Watch and Learn by K.C. Wells

All proceeds from this anthology will be donated to 

💜💙💚💙 𝘍𝘰𝘳 𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘛𝘳𝘦𝘷𝘰𝘳 𝘗𝘳𝘰𝘫𝘦𝘤𝘵 💙💚💙💜

Buy Links: Universal Buy Link | Amazon US | Amazon UK

- Available on Kindle Unlimited

Facebook Link for each Author: Quin Perin | A.G. Carothers | E.M. Denning |

T.M. Chris | T.S. McKinney


Not all of these stories are love stories, some are scenes, encounters, or two men getting together to satisfy their sexual desires. What all of these stories do have in common is that they’re sexy, intimate, hot, occasionally original to the point of being unique (to me) and possibly extreme. These stories are all about lust, about fulfilling needs, about men encountering their match or their exact opposite on the kink spectrum and indulging. And boy are they scrumptious.

Coach’s Little Kitten by Quin Perin

This story manages to be incredibly sexy and thoroughly endearing at the same time, while never turning romantic. I’d never read kitten play before and I have to admit, it was quite enticing.

Abstract Love by Sara Dobie Bauer

This wonderful story was like ‘trope central’. We’ve been given an office romance in which enemies turn to lovers, one of whom is gay for you, and both of whom thrive of angry sex. A lot happens in this exciting short, up to and including a happy ending.

The Kiss by A.G. Carothers

Wonderful tale in which ‘Steele’ discovers that he isn’t quite as asexual as he’d always thoughts when he persuades ‘Hightower’ to accept his submission and give him the pain he so desperately needs.

Pretty Boy by E.M. Denning

With half-brothers Mark and Paulie, we slip into taboo. But also into a deep love that started long before they admitted as much to each other and acted on it. And their coming together is as kinky and sexy as it is sweet and adorable.

Particular Tastes by T.S. McKinney

A hot will they – won’t they story featuring one American and one English operative and a most delicious gay-for-you vibe.

Doctor’s Orders by Emma Jaye

A stunning hurt-comfort story in which the hurt runs deep and the comfort is as loving as it is kinky. I never thought I’d find medical play enticing but I guess I’ll need to rethink that now.

Brotherly Love by Lynn Van Dorn

Jamie and Jay *sighs*. These two are stepbrothers ‘only’ through marriage, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy for them to accept their love runs deeper. The fact that Jay appears to be mostly straight doesn’t help either. But when they do get together…. Wow. And that’s before the most wonderful ending.

A Kink Chronicles Short by Luna David

More kitten play, I guess my kitten cherry has been well and truly popped now. 😊
Although in this story the kitten is ‘only’ a part of a much larger scene featuring two Doms having a fabulous time while they make their two gorgeous subs entertain them. A wonderful combination of love, kink, and hotness.

Tamed by T.M. Chris

Jake is too big to be a sub, too strong, too contrary, and too belligerent…Until he meets Eduardo and Earl (boy did I love Earl). The road isn’t easy and littered with obstacles and resulting spankings, but maybe, just maybe, Eduardo (and Earl) are exactly what Jake needs to find the peace necessary for submission. A beautiful story.

Watch and Learn by K.C. Wells

This is not a romance, but it is a most intriguing story in which Chris recognises something in the younger Zac, a need he thinks he may be able to meet. His quest to show Zac that his needs and desires are perfectly normal, showcases a long and intriguing list of kinks. It will also turn these two men into, I guess you could call it, friends with benefits, although not quite as we usually encounter it. The kinks come hard and fast in this one, and there are some you may not have encountered before, that may make you blink once or twice. A stunning showcase that kinks are never shameful and needs can be met in all manner of fashions.

To summarize the above, Come Play is a delightful anthology if you like your stories hot, kinky, potentially eye-opening, and intriguing. And, to make an already enticing book even better: all proceeds from this book go to the Trevor Project. So many fabulous reasons to read this wonderful book. Go. Get. It.


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Give Up the Ghost (Not Dead Yet #2) by Jenn Burke

Publisher: Carina Press
Release Date: June 3, 2019
280 Pages


The bigger they are, the harder they maul. 

Immortal not-ghost Wes Cooper and his vampire partner, Hudson Rojas, have it all—rewarding private investigation work, great friends and, most important, a love that’s endured. But ever since Wes sent a demon screaming back to the beyond, his abilities have grown overpowering and overwhelming. He’s hiding the fact that he’s losing control the best he can, but it’s hard to keep anything a secret for long when your partner’s a former cop…and especially when your partner’s a former cop who wants to move in together.

When all hell literally breaks loose in Toronto and superstrength ghosts are unleashed on Wes and his friends, he and Hudson are thrown into a case unlike any they’ve seen before. To save the city, Wes needs to harness his new power…and find some answers. But when he gets them, the solution to fix it all could mean losing everything.


Sometimes I read a book and it ends up surprising me in the most wonderful way. Give Up the Ghost was such a wonderful discovery for me. Based on the blurb I hoped it would be a thrilling and fascinating tale of danger, adventure, and magic, and that’s exactly what I got; an intriguing rollercoaster ride that kept me guessing and on my toes for most of the book. But, that’s not all I got. Give Up the Ghost is also a touching and emotionally fulfilling romance. And, what’s more, the balance between action/suspense and the up and downs in Wes and Hudson’s relationship was just about perfect. Neither thread overwhelmed the other, nor did either of them feel like filler. The way the romance threaded its way through the suspense while the danger was never far away, no matter how romantic the moment meant that the story flowed smoothly and the progression of the story felt natural.

And that wasn’t the only thing I loved about this book. I’ll try to list the various ways in which Give Up the Ghost delighted me below.

I smiled when it became clear that even being immortal doesn’t mean less insecurities or even fewer ‘less than smart’ decisions.

It was rather wonderful to read a story in which sex wasn’t the end all and be all for one of the characters, namely Wes. I mean he’s not a-sexual, but he’s just not always in the mood for more than cuddling. And that’s okay. 😊 And somehow it made the times when he and Hudson do get hot and bothered together, more meaningful and sexier.

The cast of secondary characters is both inspired and delightful. In fact, I feel I do them a disservice in calling them secondary, because they really only come second as far as the love story is concerned. Apart from that they shine on the page with almost the same amount of brightness as Wes and Hudson do. As a result, the story is much richer and we get a better insight into exactly who Wes and Hudson are too.

This is the second book in a series and I didn’t read the first title, Not Dead Yet. I can’t say that has been a problem. While I have no doubt that those who did read the first book will be delighted to reconnect with this cast of characters, I never once felt as if I was missing something. I fully connected with the story and with the characters and I have to admit that I’m mightily impressed at how well Jenn Burke managed to give me all the backstory I needed without ever ‘info-dumping’.

And that will be the note on which I’ll end this review. After reading Give Up the Ghost I’m in awe of Jenn Burke’s skills as a storyteller. Considering the amount of characters in this story and the numerous threads that all needed to be tight up before the book ended, she’s accomplished an awesome feat. I have no doubt it won’t be long before I read Not Dead Yet and I’m ridiculously excited that a third book in this series will be published before the end of the year. More Wes, Hudson & Co is always going to be a good thing.

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Adam Only (Those Other Books #2) by Roe Horvat - Review Tour

Length: 39,000 words

Cover Design: Roe Horvat

Publisher: Beaten Track Publishing

Those Other Books

The Other Book - Amazon US | Amazon UK | Universal Link


On stage, Adam lets his passion drive him. All his secret desires, everything nasty, dirty, and beautiful flows freely through him, for once in harmony. His soul thrives when his body moves, but only on stage. Adam’s passionate nature makes him a great dancer…and a failure at life. He’s a lonely, emotional mess. Going home with a man far out of his reach is the last thing Adam should do. Christoffer represents everything Adam isn’t: strong, independent, educated, and rich. His kind eyes, at odds with his brutish form, make Adam’s knees and restraint buckle.

Once Christoffer sees Adam dancing, he’s lost. The young man is mesmerizing, otherworldly, and unpredictable. Whatever might happen between them, it will be transient, and Christoffer will most likely get hurt. The temptation is too great, however, and the sex explosive. He might as well enjoy every moment he’s given, even if it’s just one day, maybe two. If Christoffer treads carefully, Adam might stay until Monday.


He didn’t have a clue what he was doing. Why was he still here? He should leave. Now.

The house was far away from any main roads, but he could walk for a bit and then get a taxi to the nearest train station back to the city. Maybe there was a bus stop somewhere close. His thoughts sharpened—the jerking off, swim, and caffeine had cleared his brain. Determined not to waste more time daydreaming about wealthy bears who never gave a damn, he finished his coffee. He’d need to sneak back to the bathroom to get his clothes. And his phone. He shouldn’t have lingered.

He found which cabinet door in the kitchen hid the built-in dishwasher and placed the cup inside. Then he climbed the stairs on tiptoes and peeked into the bedroom. Christoffer slept on his back, snoring softly.

Adam spotted his phone on the nightstand. Christoffer must have put it on charge after Adam had fallen asleep. He wouldn’t dwell on how considerate that was. He snatched up the phone and closed himself in the bathroom.

Eying the red thong with disgust, he threw it in the trash. What had he been thinking? He dragged the jeans up his naked body, pulled on his socks and slid into the T-shirt. His jacket was downstairs. He opened the door carefully, ready to bolt without looking at the sleeping man.

Except Christoffer was now sitting on the edge of the bed, naked, staring up at Adam with sleepy eyes.


“Hi,” Christoffer murmured. His eyes slid up and down Adam’s body, noticing the clothes. His smile turned cautious.

“Hi.” Adam shifted from foot to foot. What now?

The moment dragged on until Adam’s heart was pounding. He needed to say something, quick, and get out of there before it could get any more awkward.

“I…” he began but closed his mouth again. He couldn’t decipher Christoffer’s expression. And all that skin on display was distracting.

Christoffer braced his hands on his knees and inhaled deeply, his Goliathan shoulders lifting. “You like eggs?”


“For breakfast.”

“Yeah,” Adam blurted before he thought of the implications. He was staying for breakfast? He wanted to. Stupid! He absolutely shouldn’t! Seeing Christoffer now, those gentle gray eyes such a contrast to his brutish form, Adam ached to stay. You stupid, horny, clingy asshole. Get out of here!

He opened his mouth to say something else, to apologize and whisper goodbye, but Christoffer was faster.

“Good. Wait for me in the kitchen. I just need to…” He gestured to the bathroom door behind Adam’s back.

“Oh. Sure.”

Adam stepped aside, quivering, and the big man stood in all his naked glory. He bent down and kissed Adam’s cheek, lingering, his breath hot by Adam’s ear. Then he disappeared into the bathroom. “I’ll be just a minute,” he threw over his shoulder before the door snapped shut.

Adam stood there, stunned, and touched his tingling cheek.


WOW. I’m… lost for words.

This is the second title in Roe Horvat’s ‘Those Other Books’ series, and it features characters who also appear in The Other Book. But, allow me to reassure you that you can easily read this book as a stand-alone story. In fact, chronologically, Adam Only, takes place before the fabulous story in The Other Book.

Before I get to the amazing story itself, I want to say something about this series first. When you search for The Other Book and Adam Only on Amazon, you’ll see it’s classified as ‘erotica’. While I’m the first to admit both these stories are sex-driven and erotic as fuck they are, in my opinion, so much more than ‘just’ erotica’ When I see the word ‘erotica’ I think about a collection of sex-scenes held together by the barest of story-lines. Both The Other Book and Adam Only are so much more than that. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that they are the exact opposite of ‘a collection of stories held together by the barest of story-lines’. These are simply very sexy but fully formed stories. Yes, there’s a lot of the most amazing sex on these pages, but those scenes actually tell the story, show us who these characters are, expose their strengths and their weaknesses with more clarity than any other description possibly could.

Adam and Christoffer…major sigh… I’m not quite sure where to begin. Both of these men touched me deeply. Christoffer has the biggest heart, thinking about Adam far more then himself from the moment he first sets eyes on Adam. It is as if he senses Adam’s fragility even while he admires him for the confidence with which he dances. And from the very first moment they connect he puts Adam first…Adam’s body…Adam’s wellbeing, and Adam’s feelings.

And our Christoffer isn’t wrong. In fact, he’s spot on. Adam is fragility personified, holding himself together by keeping his distance and focussing on his dancing. If he doesn’t get close (and who would want to be close to him anyway), he won’t get hurt. My heart broke for Adam. His pain, his need, and his desperate hope against hope were palpable. I honestly think that if this book had been written from Adam’s perspective only, it would have exceeded my (minimal) tolerance for angst by at least a mile.

But I had Christoffer’s voice too. He sustained me.  Because there was never a doubt in my mind that all Christoffer wanted was what might be best for Adam, regardless of what that might mean for Christoffer himself.

These two men together…breath-taking. They are hot together, that goes without saying. But what struck me much more was that, despite the heat, despite their sexual antics, despite how most of their time together is all about sex, their coming together was too intimate to be described as ‘just sex’, even the very first time they’re together.

I’m not sure I have the words to do this book justice. It took my breath away, captivated me, touched me deeply, and brought me two characters so glorious they’ll live in my mind for some time to come. Just like its predecessor, Adam Only has been added to my ‘extra-special’ list—those very rare books I’d give six stars (or in this case, six hearts), if only I could.

Just in case I didn’t make myself clear in the above, I HIGHLY recommend both Adam Only and The Other Book to anyone who likes their sexy stories very well written and with all the feels. As for me, I’m officially in love.

Related Review: The Other Book

About the Author

Queer fiction author Roe Horvat was born in the post-communist wasteland of former Czechoslovakia. Equipped with a dark sense of sarcasm, Roe traveled Europe and finally settled in Sweden. He came out as transgender in 2017 and has been fabulous since. He loves Jane Austen, Douglas Adams, bad action movies, stand-up comedy, pale ale, and daiquiri, with equal passion. When not hiding in the studio doing graphics, he can be found trolling cafés in Gothenburg, writing, and people-watching.

More about the author: Facebook | Website | Publisher

Twitter: @roehorvat

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Third Time's the Charm (Boston Seasons #1) by K. Evan Coles - Blog Tour

Book Title: Third Time’s the Charm (Boston Seasons, Book 1)

Author: K. Evan Coles

Publisher: Pride Publishing/Totally Entwined Group

Genre/s: Contemporary M/M Romance, Erotic Romance

Trope/s: Hurt/Comfort, KidFic, True Love, Meet Cute

Themes: Family/Parenting. Friendship, Child Abandonment

Heat Rating: 4 flames 

Length: 68,000 words

Release Date: May 28, 2019 

This is book number one in a series. It can also stand as its own story.



Luke Ryan’s life is too chaotic for romance, what with running his business and being the legal guardian to his ten-year-old niece, but he’s hopeful he’ll find the right man.

Trauma surgeon Finn Thomason recently relocated from Chicago to Boston, where his focus on medicine leaves him little space for a personal life. Making a commitment to find a better work-life balance, Finn hopes he’ll also find a relationship.

Caught in an evening rainstorm, Luke shelters under a sidewalk awning…and encounters a handsome stranger. The two strike up a conversation and Finn offers to walk Luke under his oversized umbrella. Charmed, Luke accepts and asks Finn out for coffee in thanks.

Luke and Finn quickly grow close, but, as the summer draws to an end, Luke struggles to keep his connection with Finn while Finn tries to come to terms with caring for a man whose attention is pulled in many directions. Both men are scrambling to get it right, but only time will tell if they’ll learn there is more than enough room in their hearts to go around.


“Hey, Luke, I’m going to Starbucks to buy coffee for everyone. You want?”

Luke Ryan stared at the code on his computer monitors and nodded absently. “Sure.”

“Okay. Grab your stuff and come with me.”

Luke blinked. “What do you need me for?” He turned away from the monitors and faced his best friend and business partner, Simon Martin.

Simon stood and eyed Luke across their shared office. “To help me schlep back the orders.”

“Ugh.” It was nearly two p.m. and Luke’s concentration was flagging. As much as he wanted to keep working, fresh coffee sounded wonderful. The idea of going to fetch it, however, not so much. He stood and picked up his wallet and phone from his desk. “We wouldn’t be having this conversation if you’d let me buy a new coffeemaker.”

“I said I’d buy it, didn’t I?”

“Yes, you said that two weeks ago. And here we are, making the trek to Starbucks once again.”

Simon sighed at Luke’s grumbling. “Oh, goodness. I’ll buy one this weekend, I promise. In the meantime, you could stand to go outside for a few minutes. Your ass has been bolted to that chair all day. You didn’t even break for lunch.”

“Yes, I did.”

“You ate a plastic squeeze tube filled with something green.”

“It was yogurt,” Luke said. “I bought a box of mixed flavor tubes but Ella doesn’t like lime, so they’re all mine.”

Simon grimaced. “That sounds appalling. Serves you right for feeding that girl junk.”

Luke chuckled as they started for the door. His niece, Ella, was ten years old and particular about what she ate. Luke had been stuck eating food she’d rejected before, but he didn’t mind—weird foods came with the territory of raising children. Or helping to raise them, anyway, as Luke had been helping his brother, Peter, do for the past several years, ever since Peter’s wife had walked out on her family and Peter had moved Ella from the Marine base in Virginia back to Boston and into Luke’s Back Bay apartment.

Once outside, Luke and Simon walked a block and a half to Winter Street, navigating around shoppers and tourists. The line at Starbucks stretched nearly out of the door, and they stepped up to its end while Luke read over the orders his coworkers had scribbled on a scrap of paper.

“I don’t know what this says.” He pointed at one messy line. “This looks like Klingon.”

Simon squinted. “You would know, I suppose. I’m fairly sure everyone ordered cold brew, by the way. That’s all those hipster punks drink anyway.”

Luke laughed. “Good point. Gillian wants an almond milk Macchiato, though.” Gillian Vasquez was the third partner in their software development business. Petite, red-haired and whip-smart, her easygoing personality provided an excellent foil for Simon’s brashness and Luke’s hyperfocus. Gillian kept Simon and Luke in line and they knew it.

“Is she still doing the dairy-free thing?” Simon asked.

“I’m not sure. I think she just likes almond milk, to be honest. Ella’s the same.”

“That doesn’t make those bowls of sugar cereal you feed her any healthier, you know.”

Luke rolled his eyes. He’d never understood why kids’ cereals got such a bad rap. Beyond the high sugar content and their dubious nutritional value, that was.

“I found a recipe for Cap’n Crunch cookies,” he said. “I was thinking Ella and I could make them over the weekend.” He snorted with laughter at Simon’s obvious disgust.

“Where on earth would you find such a thing?”

“Pinterest. It’s loaded with all kinds of questionable recipes.”

“Oh, Pickle.” Simon made a sympathetic noise. “This only underscores what I’ve been telling you for months—you need to get out more.”

Luke winced. “Please don’t call me Pickle in public.” He glanced around, hoping no one had overheard the ridiculous nickname, and met the gaze of a dark-haired guy standing behind them.

Well, hello there.

Luke flashed a grin and the guy blinked, clearly surprised. He offered Luke a shy half-smile of his own just before the line shifted.

Luke faced forward. “You know I don’t have time to go out,” he said to Simon. “Even if I did, the men I’d meet would take one look at Ella and run for the hills.”

“Surely not every man you meet is averse to the idea of family.” Simon frowned. “I like children. Or Ella, at least.”

“Yes, but you and I are not dating.”

“Not since I kicked you to the curb a decade ago, true.” He smiled at Luke’s laughter. “Still, I can’t imagine anyone you meet not being charmed by Ella. She’s loveable even when she’s being difficult.”

They stepped forward as the line moved again. Luke hazarded another glance back and felt a pang of disappointment to find the cute guy talking on his phone. He met Luke’s eyes again, however, and Luke smothered a curse when Simon nudged him with his elbow.

“Ella likes you, so of course you think she’s fun,” Luke said. “Not everyone thinks the way you do or wants to stick around while I fill in for her dad, though.”

“Are you so sure?” Simon asked.

“I’m still single, am I not?”

“Yes, though I confess I don’t know why. It’s not because you’re lacking in looks and your personality is certainly adequate.”

“Nice.” Luke shrugged off both the compliment and the tease. He knew he was easy to look at. He was tall and fit with a heart-shaped face and gray-green eyes, and his friends joked he couldn’t take a bad photo. Luke didn’t suffer for lack of attention from men. Keepinga man’s interest presented the real challenge these days, and that had a lot to do with the fact that he was taking care of a young child.

“I’m thirty-two years old,” he said. “The men I meet who want children are either already parents or in committed relationships and headed in that direction.”

“This is why you need to meet newmen,” Simon replied. “Ella isn’t your daughter, Luke. Pete’ll be back from deployment in a couple of months and that’ll take some of the pressure off you. There’s no reason for you to be celibate until then, either.”

“I’m hardly celibate,” Luke muttered, his cheeks hot. “And please keep your voice down.”

He paused as they approached the counter. Simon placed the order and Luke glanced at the guy behind them again. Thankfully, he was still on his phone instead of being forced to eavesdrop on the saga of Luke’s sad single life.

“I know I haven’t had a boyfriend since Ella moved in with me,” Luke continued while Simon paid for the order. “Taking care of her complicates my life, but it’s nothing compared to Pete’s wife taking off on them. AndI do go out on occasion, Simon. I date.”

Simon cocked a well-groomed eyebrow at him. “Okay, and when exactly? Because we both know you don’t have time to yourself anymore.”

Despite Simon’s gentle tone, Luke winced. Even with help from his parents and his babysitter, Melissa, he rarely had a minute to himself outside his own bathroom. Even then, odds were Ella would knock on the door and blithely ask questions while Luke showered or shaved.

“In all seriousness, when did you last go out with a man?” Simon asked. They moved aside so the baristas could mix up their magic, and he patted Luke’s arm. “Hell, when did you last pick someone up?”

“I met someone while I was grocery shopping last week, believe it or not,” Luke replied. “We emailed a couple of times, but he dropped off the map. I picked someone up a couple of months ago, the last time Pete came home on leave.” He grinned at Simon. “You and I went out for dinner and drinks, then over to that bar in Back Bay named after Oscar Wilde. Remember?”

“That’s the bar with the boozy milkshakes?”

“Yes! I met Jeremy that night.”

Realization flashed in Simon’s eyes. “I’d forgotten that’s where you met. Where was I?”

“Sucking face with some bartender, I think.” Luke smirked at Simon’s raucous laughter.

“Oh, God, that’s right. Those milkshakes are lethal!”

“Believe me, I remember.” Luke reached up and ruffled Simon’s hair. “Anyway, I didn’t take Jeremy home that night, but we exchanged numbers and spent time together for a couple of weeks.”

“What happened between you two, anyway? I don’t think you ever said.”

“There was nothing to tell. Pete’s leave ended and I canceled a couple of dates because Melissa was busy and I couldn’t find a sitter. Jeremy just faded out.” Despite his careless tone, Luke’s heart twinged a little. He’d enjoyed spending time with Jeremy and watching him withdraw had stung.

Simon clasped Luke’s shoulder with one strong hand. “I’m sorry. It doesn’t have to be that way all the time, you know. I can watch Ella for you if Melissa is busy—I just need some notice. Gillian will, too. Hell, ask around the office if you need someone for a couple of hours. I’m sure at least one of the kids on staff is the babysitting type.”

“I know, and thanks. It doesn’t matter, though. The reality is I’m with Ella a lot because I want to be and guys usually bolt after they figure that out.”

Simon’s gentle scowl warmed Luke’s heart. He loved that his friend cared enough to listen. Then Luke saw the cute guy with the dark hair pay for his single coffee and leave. Damn. Once upon a time, Luke would have struck up a conversation with him instead of watching the opportunity slip away. Maybe Simon had a point.

“It’s fine,” he said. “And you’re right. I should make an effort to get out there and meet new men. Especially since things will go back to normal after Pete gets home. For a while, anyway.”

“That ‘for a while’ is kind of a problem.” Simon’s expression sobered. “Your brother will still be at Quantico more rather than less. I don’t even mean that in a bad way because I know you love having her here.”

Luke nodded. He’d never thought twice about welcoming his niece into his home. “I do. All the more reason to find someone who’s okay with Ella being in my life.”

Is that such a bad thing to want?Luke didn’t think so.

The barista called their order and Luke handed Simon the bags he’d been holding. “At any rate, it’ll be great having Pete back, even if he’s not in Boston. Ella hasn’t been the same since her dad was deployed.” Carefully, he collected the trays of cups.

Simon led the way out, talking over his shoulder as he held the door for Luke. “You think so?”

“Oh, yeah.” Luke sighed. “She really misses him, and it’s not like we can visit. She worries about his safety, just like my parents worry, and I do, too. Life will be a hundred times easier for all of us with Pete on US soil, whether he’s at the Marine base or not.”

“I understand,” Simon replied. “I’m just sorry I can’t do more than listen.”

Luke smiled. “Don’t be. I’d have gone bananas a long time ago without you and Gillian around to listen and keep me sane.”

“Girl, you’ve always been bananas,” Simon said, his tone airy. “But we’re used to it and don’t love you any less.” He shot Luke a wink and they headed for the office.


Third Time’s the Charm is a most wonderful slice of life. The story of the very real obstacles two men encounter while trying to get to know each other, falling hard, and learning to love and trust. There isn’t a single contrived word or scene in this book. Everything that happens to and between Luke and Finn is real and makes sense. Their struggles are the same struggles most of us face on a daily basis as we try to juggle schedules and figure out how to deal with those not always nice surprises life can throw our way.

Finn and Luke are just as realistic as the lives they are living. They’re interesting, charming, funny, and at times adorable, which doesn’t mean that they don’t also have moments when their thoughts, fears, and reactions prove that they’re all too human. Oh, before I forget; they also happen to be very hot together too.

I love the way their relationship grew. How they gradually moved from physical attraction, via lovers, to two men in love. And I adore Luke and Finn because they did what so very many characters in romances fail to do: they communicated. Not always as effectively as one might hope, but no matter what doubts might darken their minds, they never stopped talking, never created so much distance between them that it couldn’t be bridged. Always putting honesty first.

The cast of secondary characters in this book was fabulous, but I have to admit to having a favourite. A ten-year-old favourite named Ella who managed to make me smile and touched me deeply.

I’m very tempted to give a more detailed description of the story and give examples for everything I mentioned above, but I’ll resist. This book managed to surprise me once or twice in a most delightful way and I wouldn’t want to deprive others of that experience. Suffice to say that this sweet, touching, real, and uplifting book was a delight to read, leaving me happy, fulfilled, and thoroughly charmed by the time I reached the delightfully happy end.

About the Author

K. Evan Coles is a mother and tech pirate by day and a writer by night. She is a dreamer who, with a little hard work and a lot of good coffee, coaxes words out of her head and onto paper.

K. lives in the northeast United States, where she complains bitterly about the winters, but truly loves the region and its diverse, tenacious and deceptively compassionate people. You’ll usually find K. nerding out over books, movies and television with friends and family. She’s especially proud to be raising her son as part of a new generation of unabashed geeks.

K.’s books explore LGBTQ+ romance in contemporary settings.

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