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A Christmas Promise by K.C. Wells - A Review

56000 words
Publisher: Island Tales Press
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The last thing Micah Trant expects to find in the snow by the side of the road, is a badly beaten man. But when Micah discovers his identity, it feels like more than mere coincidence is at work here. Like modern day Good Samaritans, he and his dad offer the stranger a place to recuperate. After all, it’s almost Thanksgiving, and Greg is in no state to travel home. It’s not an entirely altruistic move: Micah wants answers, and he’s not the only one.

Greg cannot believe the way things turned out. The odds of Micah being the one to find him have to be astronomical, but he accepts the kind offer. As days become weeks, Greg learns more about Micah’s family, and comes to realize that staying with them for a Wyoming Christmas might just provide him with the answers he’s been seeking.

The magic of the holidays will also conjure up something neither Micah nor Greg expected…


A Christmas Promise is easiest described as the meeting of four people who all are in desperate need of a Christmas miracle, be it for individual as well as shared reasons. But, you could also call it a story about faith, because some things are just meant to be, and Micah finding Greg, wounded and abandoned in the snow, is surely destined, and not just for the obvious — hey this is a romance after all… — reason.

In fact, while this story is undeniably a romance, there’s a lot more going on than just that. This is a story about love lost and found, a tale shining a light on the beauty of family ties, as well as a glorious example of coincidence — or is it Christmas magic? — saving the day just when things appear darkest. But more than anything else, this is a story about healing, from hurts old and fresh, from injuries physical and mental, and from pain barely recognised or acknowledged. As such this story will touch your heart on more than one occasion, it will bring both happy and sad tears to your eyes and it will leave you uplifted by the time you reached the finale.

This is a slow-burn romance with both Micah and Greg biding their time and being uncertain about what the other might or might not feel towards them. There’s also the fact that Greg has only recently figured out his sexuality and is new to virtually anything he and Micah might engage in. Not to mention a broken leg and other injuries, limiting Greg’s options significantly. Of course the slow burn leaves room for many romantic gestures, and beautiful kissing sessions, but more than anything, it gives the two young men the opportunity to get to know each other.

Of course, since this is a KC Wells’ book, the secondary characters are almost as stunning as our MCs. Both Joshua (Micah’s Dad) and Naomi (his sister) had their own moments to shine and they did so magnificently.

If I had to pick one thing that stood out for me in this book, it is the wonderful balance the author managed to strike between the bleakness of reality and the wonder of (Christmas) magic. Neither would have worked for me without the other, while together they brought me a beautiful, touching, and magical reading experience.

Yes, this is a seasonal story, and it most certainly contains bright, light and sparkly moments. But, it is a lot more than ‘just a bit of fluff'. This is a charming, heartwarming, and ultimately magical tale about things coming full circle. It is, without a doubt, a most wonderful reading experience.

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