Monday, 18 December 2017

A Very Henry Christmas (The Weight of it All 1.5) by N.R. Walker

55 pages
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A 12,000 word short story about food, fluff, and fornication. 

Henry wants to share his and Reed’s first Christmas Eve being engaged by hosting dinner with their closest friends. Henry loves food and he loves to cook—he plans an entire menu and decorates the house to rival a department store, but even though everything’s perfect, something’s not quite right. 

As Henry and Reed prepare for a merry Christmas, no matter what happens, you know it will be a very Henry Christmas.


I read The Weight of it all last February and fell head over heels in love with Henry, Reed and their cast of secondary characters. If you’d like to know exactly how smitten I was you can find a link to my thoughts on and feelings for that book at the bottom of this review. So when I discovered there was a sequel set at Christmas time it took me all of one nano second to decide I couldn’t live without the book. And I was right.

Before I continue with what will be, once again, a gush fest, I need to say that is this very much is a sequel. While you could possibly read and even enjoy A Very Henry Christmas without reading The Weight of it All first, I would strongly advice against such a course of action. Not only will you enjoy this book a lot more if you already know the characters in it, you’d be depriving yourself of the most wonderful and satisfying experience that is reading The Weight of it All.

As you may have guessed from the above, this story is wonderful. It is happy, sexy, laugh-out-loud funny, cute, and totally heartwarming. It may also lead to hunger pangs and a desperate rush to the fridge, although whatever you may find there may well be disappointing after having read about the culinary delights Henry conjures up.

Henry and Reed are as adorable as they were in the first book. Two years have passed since they got together but it hasn’t lessened the love they feel for each other or the physical attraction between them. In fact, their Christmas Eve may be best described as a feast of glorious food, sweet love, hot sex, and a most wonderful surprise. I really hope there will be more books featuring Henry and Reed because comfort reads don’t come more comfortable than this.

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