Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Gasman Cometh by T.J. Masters

Pages: 24
Date: January 24, 2015
Grade: 4+
Details: Working Hard, Loving Harder Series
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The blurb:

“The Gasman Cometh tells the story of sexy young central heating engineer Chris who is sent to the home of the older and more confident Colin Andrews to repair a fault. So far the lad's life has amounted to little but Colin takes a shine to his repair man and circumstances now lead him to want to help turn things around. Of course mistakes must be punished, but who says that love cannot start with a spanking?”

My thoughts:

The Gasman Cometh’ is a very short story. It is also rather intriguing, very hot and at moments rather cute. I thoroughly enjoyed my quick but very intense encounter with Colin and Chris. It was impossible not to feel for Chris who is convinced he’s failed at the game of life and about ready to give up on himself. Colin’s actions to help the younger man may be unconventional, they are also inspired and show Chris a side of himself he hadn’t know existed.

Personally I wouldn’t have minded a bit more time with these two men since I’ve got a feeling Chris’s further sessions with Colin would have been as hot and interesting as the one in this story was. Having said that, I have no problem imagining how things might proceed from here so the author has successfully done his job and given me a clear picture of the men and their possible future.

This was the third book by T.J. Masters I thoroughly enjoyed in less than a month so it’s safe to say I’ve found myself yet another author to keep a close eye on.

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