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SAVING SAM by Nikka Michaels

SAVING SAM by Nikka Michaels
Pages: 52
Date: January 10, 2015
Grade: 4.5
Details: A Romance on the Go Story
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The blurb:

“Ezekiel has been a Watcher angel for thousands of years, and now he wants a promotion to Guardian status. When he shows up for a meeting at Purgatory, Inc. Zeke gets the shock of his lifetime when his boss and Higher Power commands him to bring back Azazel, Death’s assistant.

Throw in the devil, a possible apocalypse, and a partner in archangel Sam and Zeke might get more than just his Guardian angel wings.”

My thoughts:

I think I may have mentioned in previous posts about Nikka Michael’s books how much I love her words. Her imagination never ceases to amaze me. She creates a world for her characters and plants me slap bang in the middle of it as soon as I’ve read the first few opening paragraphs. The sensation of being transported to a different realm was a bit stronger in Saving Sam than it has been in Michael’s contemporary stories. Purgatory was a real place within moments after I started this book and the story and characters dragged me into its depths instantly.

I could happily believe in a God who wants to be called Steve and says things like:

“Walk with me, Zeke. Oh, and unfurl the wings a little. You’re harshing my spiritual buzz.”

I adored Zeke and Sam and loved how Michaels turned their roles completely around. We may think Sam is the experienced, bad ass archangel, as the title suggests things aren’t quite that simple and we soon learn sweet innocent Sam is indeed a force to be reckoned with.

Of course, if Divine powers and sexy angels aren’t enough to entice you, there are zombies (or Deadies) to keep you occupied. And that’s before I even mention the rather hot angel sex.

Summarising, this is an exciting, entertaining, hot and ultimately sweet short story. I’m always eager for more books by this author. This time I’m also curious about the other Purgatory Inc. stories. Bring it on.

If you want to know more about Saving Sam and Nikka Michaels, including an enticing excerpt, please click here.

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