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Hands of Power 1 & 2

HANDS OF POWER by T.J. Masters
Short Story
Date: January 11, 2015
Grade: 4.5
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The blurb:

“Amateur rugby player Richard Doyle is injured in a match and after a visit to a hospital A & E he seeks the help of a sports therapist to get him fit to play again before the next important game. Physiotherapist Alan Jennings is a very fit, attractive and skilled man. Ex-army, divorced and gay, Alan is immediately attracted to his stunningly good looking new client and wastes no time in seducing the younger man and introducing him to the joys of masculine m/m sex. As Richard’s shoulder is treated so a powerful relationship develops between the two men. 

The therapist’s powerful hands work their magic on the handsome rugby player and soon he is fit to play again. At the same time he has become a hungry submissive partner in their discrete but intense sexual adventures. The day of the semi-final arrives and Alan accompanies his lover at the request of the team coach in order to look after their star player. After winning a great game the team are ready for their traditional night of drunken celebrations but Richard just wants to get his sexual mentor back to their shared hotel room as soon as possible.”

My thoughts:

Everything you need to know about this story can be found in the blurb. This is a story about a man, Richard Doyle, who has always considered himself straight. Sure, he’s been disappointed about most if not all of his past encounters with women, but he’s put that down to not finding the right one yet rather than anything else. The way his body reacts to Alan’s hands takes Richard by surprise but it isn’t long before temptation proves stronger than doubt and fear.

This is a short story so there isn’t a lot of soul searching on Richard’s part before he gives in to his desires. To me that made sense. Why wouldn’t he take advantage of what’s on offer when his body so clearly wants it? And I happen to be a firm believer of something Alan says in the story. Like Alan I don’t believe there is such a thing as being 100% straight or 100% gay. I think most if not all of us exist somewhere on the spectrum in between. Just because the fast majority of people prefers to think it’s an either / or situation doesn’t make it true.

Anyway, I enjoyed this short, hot and very entertaining story. I wouldn’t call it a BDSM story in the traditional – or should I say stereotypical – sense, but I enjoyed the way in which Alan took control and Richard not only allowed that to happen but also thrived on it. 

And just on a personal side note; I think rugby has to be one of, if not the, sexiest sports imaginable.


T.J. Masters wrote a follow up story called Hands of Power 2, which is a free read and can be found here.

And I for one am really glad he did. Not only was it wonderful to spend some more time with Alan and Richard, it was also great to see how their relationship had developed and where they would be going after the story ended.

I still loved Alan’s philosophy about sexuality and his answer when Richard wonders whether their relationship means he’s gay.

“Why do you need a label? You’re still the same person you were before we met.”

I also liked that their relationship, both in and out of the bedroom, continued to grow and progress.

Individually these stories were entertaining and fun. Taken together and read in order, they made for a charming, hot, and rather satisfying read. 

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