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One Time Offer by Carrie Ryder

Title: One Time Offer
Release date: 23rd April 2018
Author: Carrie Ryder
Publisher: Two Week Titles
Cover Art: Winterheart Design,
Length: 10k words
Price: $0.99 Amazon and Kindle Unlimited


Offering himself for a one-time only weekend of sex and fun to celebrate coming out and his twenty-first birthday seems a great idea to Liam Woodleigh. His best friend, Nic Taylor, is horrified by the idea and insists on being Liam’s bodyguard for the five potential dates Liam chooses. 

The day doesn’t go as planned and Liam despairs he’ll get to celebrate his birthday weekend, but Nic is there as protector and to entertain him between dates, insisting that maybe the next man will be the one. Liam follows Nic’s lead as he always has; ever hopeful he will find his weekend lover.


One-time only offer!
21st birthday.
Seeks 48 hours of sex and fun.
No strings attached.
Leave a message.

Liam Woodleigh read his ad out loud and looked up from his computer to gauge his friend’s reaction. Nic Taylor stared at him open-mouthed. “What do you think?”

“Seriously? You want me to answer that?” Nic sat cross-legged on Liam’s bed, game controller in hand. For the first time in hours the soldiers stayed motionless on Liam’s large TV which dominated one wall of his bedroom. “I thought you were going to arrange a night out, not end up in some weirdo’s freezer.”

Liam frowned, not happy with Nic’s reaction. “Not if I’m careful.”

“Being careful means not putting yourself in danger in the first place, dumbass.”

“It’s my twenty-first birthday. I’m not going to be twenty-one again. I want to live a little.”

“Then go to a club and pick up a guy. Go to a supermarket and pick up a guy staring at the frozen chips. Do what the rest of us do and go on a dating app.”

“It’s my twenty-first. I want to do something different,” Liam said stubbornly. “Anyway, I might not get any replies.”

Nic threw his hands up in the air in disgust and managed to smack himself in the face with the controller. “Ow! Fuck! You’re an idiot.”

“But you’re going to be my wingman for the day, aren’t you?”

Liam batted his eyelashes at Nic who actually growled at him. It was kind of cute. Nic was cute with dark tousled hair and bright blue eyes. Liam often wondered if anything would happen between them, but they’d been best friends since school and although Nic was openly bisexual he hadn’t shown any sign of being interested in his friend. Liam guessed it was hard to be attracted to the guy whose hair you’d held away from his face while he hurled up too many Porn Star Martinis. He’d had his dreams about Nic in the privacy of his own bed, but he’d never mentioned them out loud.

Nic made another noise of disgust. “I need my head examined. What do you expect me to do?”

Liam beamed at him. “I knew you’d help.”

He wriggled over to sit next to Nic and showed him the screen. “I’ve sent the ad. Now I have to wait for replies. Let’s play.”

It was going to be more than a little embarrassing if no one answered his ad. The only thing he could do was wait and see if anyone wanted to make a shy twenty-one-year-olds’ fantasies come true.


One Time Offer is a most adorable and endearing story. It’s sweet and funny and kept me smiling from start to finish. I had absolutely no doubt where this story line would take me and I enjoyed every single moment and word of the journey.

Liam is cuteness personified. He’s so determined to lose his virginity and stunned when his little add receives numerous replies. His best friend Nick is less surprised about the long list of men volunteering for 48 hours of sex and fun. And he also appears to be acting strangely, but Liam decides to ignore that. I loved how Liam bounced from excitement to insecurity and second thoughts and back again. And Nick was stunning as his wingman, despite the fact that he thought it was all a very bad idea. Everyone should have a friend like Nick. J

Liam’s first three dates are disasters and I found myself laughing out loud while also squirming for poor Liam. His last date on the other hand … perfection.

Liam and Nick had the best-friends-forever vibe going just about perfectly; that wonderful combination of care and banter.

This is a short story and requires a little suspension of disbelief, but in a cute and almost fairytale-like fashion. This is, without a doubt, a comfort read. It is also very well written. I’m very happy there will be a second One Time Offer story coming in the not too distant future. Where do I sign up?

Author bio

Carrie’s dream is to retire to a cottage by the sea with her dogs, her computer, and a life-time’s supply of chocolate. In the meantime, she works and writes. It’s a good life.

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