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Pages: 37
Date: March 27, 2015
Details: Short story
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The blurb:

“Sean Waters is down on his luck thanks to the economy, and winds up working for his domineering father’s car dealership. It’s not the greatest job, but it’s a paycheck. The only problem? He’s got a wicked crush on the general manager, Jackson Shaw.

When Jackson suggests a drive in one of the brand new sports cars, Sean has no idea it’s not the car Jackson really wants to take for a spin.

They both need this job, though, and the boss isn’t keen on employees getting involved with each other. But it’s just a lusty little crush anyway, so they can move on and pretend nothing ever happened.

Can’t they?”

My thoughts:

I’m getting repetitive, or maybe I should try to read a wider variety of authors. As it is, I adore L.A. Witt’s stories – both long and short - and Test Drive completely lived up to my expectations. It is short but that doesn’t mean it isn’t hot, or complete.

From the moment Sean and Jackson come together it’s clear that’s where they should be, and I found myself rooting for them from the very first kiss. Their dilemma is recognisable and realistic; in the current economic climate nobody can afford to take risks with their jobs.

Of course being sensible is far harder in practice than it is in theory and it’s only a matter of time before something has to give. I liked the way the story ended. It was the ending I’d been hoping for from the start and I was very happily surprised to have my wish granted.

The overall conclusion therefore has to be that L.A. Witt has, once again, thoroughly entertained me with her words.

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