Monday, 9 March 2015

Concealed in Death by J.D. Robb

Pages: 445
Date: 4.5
Details: no. 38 In Death

The blurb:

“Between the wall he’d opened and the one barely a foot behind it lay two bundles wrapped in thick plastic. But he could see, clearly enough, what they were...

There’s nothing unusual about billionaire Roarke supervising work on his new property – but when he takes a ceremonial swing at the first wall, he uncovers the body of a girl. And then another – in fact, twelve dead girls in all.

Luckily for Roarke, he is married to the best police lieutenant in town. Eve Dallas is determined to find the killer – especially when she discovers that the building used to be a sanctuary for delinquent teenagers and the parallel with her past as a young runaway hits hard.”

My thoughts:

I can’t imagine anybody being surprised when I say I love the ‘In Death’ books by J.D. Robb. The fact that I haven’t missed a single title yet, is testament to that. But, it’s more than just the fact that I enjoy these books. J.D. Robb has, over the years, become my go-to author whenever I find myself in a reading slump. She is one of only a handful of authors who can always reignite my passion for reading and she succeeded this time as well as she has in the past.

As always the mystery was imaginative and more than just a little bit creepy. I had the solution more or less figured out long before our investigator did, but I can’t say it lessened my reading pleasure. And, also as always, Eve’s snarky comments and somewhat cynical look at life had me smiling. The interactions between Eve and Roarke as well as Eve and Peabody had me laughing out loud on numerous occasions. And it is hard to not melt at least a little bit at the love between the two main characters.

J.D. Robb (and her alter ego Nora Roberts) excel at writing witty, gripping and realistic sounding dialogue and couldn’t create a boring character if they tried. Thirty-eight books into this series I still find myself wishing the author will never stop creating more adventures for these Eve, Roarke and their friends and colleagues. I’m well and truly hooked. 

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