Saturday, 27 September 2014


BRUISED by Sean Michael
Length: Short Novel
Date: 27/09/2014
Grade: 3
Details: Received from Totally Bound Publishing
            Through Love Romances and More

The blurb:

“Johnson and Billy come from different parts of the country, different backgrounds and different places in their lives. Maybe different is exactly what they both need.

Johnson figures it's got to be a sign when cowboy Billy shows up at his garage after hours, just as he's about to go find someone to spend the night with. He's horny enough that a lot of guys would look good, but Billy seems special somehow.

Billy thinks Johnson's the hottest ticket he's seen since he moved to California from Texas, and after a good meal and some good fun, he takes Johnson home. They both find out they're getting more than they bargained for. Can Johnson and Billy figure out why they feel so connected and can they make it last once reality sets back in?”

My thoughts:

This is a sex driven story. If you’re not a huge fan of sex in your books, or only tolerate it in small doses, this is probably not the book for you. If, on the other hand, you enjoy hot sex with a light dusting of BDSM, combined with a relationship established on the basis of two men perfectly fulfilling each other’s needs, you’re going to love this book.

If I’m honest, my personal preference lies somewhere between those two extremes which means that while I enjoyed the very hot encounters between Billy and Johnson I would have liked to read a bit more about their relationship beside the physical aspect of it. As it is, the readers only get glimpses of Billy and Johnson’s lives. While the story makes it perfectly clear that Billy’s long hours as a defender mean the two men don’t spend nearly as much time together as they would like, the issue is mentioned and put aside in a sentence or two. Billy and Johnson don’t appear to talk and rarely seem to leave the house other than for work. Issues are dealt with in the bedroom. I really liked what I did see and learn about these two men and felt a bit short changed that I wasn’t given the opportunity to get to know them better.

 In fact the reader would be forgiven for thinking both men have super human powers when it comes to erections and orgasms. And, if I’m completely honest I have to say the sex between Billy and Johnson, while hot, became a bit repetitive after a while.

Having said all that I should also point out that this was a very easy and smooth read. While I may have had one or two issues with the story and the way it was told, that didn’t mean I ever even thought about not finishing the book. I enjoyed my time with Johnson and Billy. I just wish they had shown me a bit more of themselves.

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