Saturday, 28 April 2018

Beholden by Kris T. Bethke – Review

Length: 42,000 words approx.

Cover Design: Written Ink Designs

Publisher: JMS Publishing


Julian Thomas made the unpopular decision to become Beholden and focus his magic only on scrying. Because of it, he's the best at his job and the top scryer for the Department of Extranormal and Magical Affairs. Which why Investigations Agent Wes Caldwell goes right to Julian for help locating a missing person.

When Wes needs to use his magic to boost Julian's, they find a magical resonance between them that quickly leads to more. Julian doesn't want to move too fast, but Wes knows Julian is it for him. He's fine with waiting, as long as Julian stays close as they work through it.

But then Julian falls ill, and it's clear there's a magical reason. Wes will stop at nothing to find out what's plaguing Julian, and when they realize just how deep the plot goes, they have more questions than answers. Magic is increasing in the world, and no one can figure out why. Julian and Wes have found love, but will it be enough to get them through what's to come?


Now here’s a most enjoyable, sexy, and exciting story. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute I spent reading Beholden. A Paranormal, romantic mystery; what’s not to love?

I’m impressed with the world the author introduced me to. She managed to create a believable universe without ever dumping information. I found myself believing in her world from the start. The magic and the operations of those working in the Department of Extranormal and Magical Affairs all made perfect sense to me.

Julian and Wes are great MCs. They are complete opposites and perfect for each other at the same time. It was impossible not to melt in front of Wes’s protective streak. His name should have been Wesley really; he fits the name in an ‘as you wish’ kinda way. Except that he has a dominant streak to make your blood heat up; just as well Julian likes that sorta thing. J Just to clarify; these two men are HOT together.

Mind you, there’s a lot more to this book than ‘just’ magic and hot sexiness. There’s a mystery to unravel and there are plenty of sweet, emotional, and soul searching moments too.

While this book reads as a stand-alone story, I was very happy to see that the overall story-line still needs to be resolved. I won’t mind spending more time with Julian and Wes at all…at all.

If you’d like to sample this story you can find an excerpt in this Release Blitz post.

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