Friday, 24 November 2017

The Clumsy Santa by Sue Brown

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Charlie discovers love amongst the tinsel.

Falling in love with Santa is the last thing Charlie Johnson expects when he takes a holiday job as an elf in Santa’s Grotto. Nick is the shyest and clumsiest man Charlie has ever met, but that’s just part of his charm. Charlie falls for Santa, whilst Santa falls head over heels onto the floor. At least they can laugh together about it!

But after several weeks, Charlie starts to despair he will ever be more than Santa’s helper. His holiday job is nearly over, yet Nick hasn’t declared anything more than friendship. Will Charlie ever get his real Christmas wish?


Meet Charlie — known as Charlie-Elf while on the job — a somewhat socially awkward and sexually completely inexperienced young man, supplementing his Christmas spending money in Santa’s grotto.

Being (an) Elf is not necessarily as much fun as it might sound. Head-Elf is a royal pain in the proverbial, not to mention obsessed when it comes to Santa and rules. But, on the upside, there is Katie-Elf who almost immediately turns from colleague into best friend, and, far more importantly, Santa himself who is all sorts of cute, not to mention, incredibly clumsy.

Before I reached the third chapter I’d renamed this book in my mind. Surely there’s something to be said for ‘The Perils of Wearing Tights’ J And, as Charlie (-Elf) soon discovers, those perils are real.

While this was mostly a light-hearted feel good story, there was exactly the right amount of (light) angst and touching emotion to keep this story from turning into a Christmas panto. It was also very well written and a pure delight to read. But then, that’s what I’ve come to expect from Sue Brown.

Sweet, adorable, cute, funny, and touching; stories don’t come much more Christmassy than this one. Highly recommended if you want a story you’ll read with a huge grin on your face from start to finish.

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