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Dancing Men (Hunter Dane Investigation #2) by Adira August

200 pages
Publisher: RedDeer
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An ancient burial urn, empty for millennia, is suddenly not so empty.

When Detective Lieutenant Hunter Dane probes the murder at Natural History Museum, it's his own past that haunts him. To solve the complex case, Hunter needs the talents of Camden Snow, the brilliant, beautiful, “no limits” Dom who'd helped him unravel a very peculiar, and very personal, murder.

But now, Cam's ready to kill Hunt, himself! Their high-intensity D/s relationship that began in a playroom, ended in an emergency room.

Detective Dane is about to discover that history does, indeed, repeat itself. And his brain and body—humming with suspect information and sensual anticipation—want so much more than a killer behind bars.


“His scene with Hunter was a partnership between a sub who knew he could only reach his summit through surrender and a Dom who knew the only path to the top.”

To say this book starts with a bang would be a gross understatement. When the first chapter ends on ‘I’m the man who killed your daughter’ you know you’re in for one hell of a ride.

Of course, Dancing Men turning out to be a thrilling, heart stopping, and unputdownable book didn’t come as a real surprise — after all, I read both Matchstick Men and its prequel On His Knees not too long ago and was mesmerized by both.

What I love and admire most in these stories is the multiple layers in both Cam and Hunter’s personalities and, as a result, their interactions. Cam may be the badass, uncompromising, and all demanding Dom a lot of the time, when not in Dom-mode he’s also a young man, still trying to find his way and not altogether sure where he might be going.

Hunter on the other hand is very much in control of his life and, apparently, his emotions. When it comes to his job he is in full control of both himself and those working with and under him. But, as controlling as he is, he has this need to surrender…totally. Therefore submitting to Cam, who demands his all from him, is exactly what Hunter needs.

“I am all Dom, he said. “When we’re together like this, I expect you to trust me. To believe I know what you need. Want. And I’ll give it to you.”

On the surface this is a story containing two mysteries. There’s the ever more confusing riddle as to what exactly is going on with the urns. And then there’s Cam’s demand that Hunter figures out exactly what Cam’s story is. But, to me, there was a third and maybe most intriguing conundrum; can two men who are perfect together find the courage and trust to surrender to everything that pulls them together, despite valid reasons to keep their distance, and doubts about any possible future.

The story gives us a heady combination of intrigue, mystery, emotion, and mind-blowing (both for the characters and the reader) sex. As much as I wanted to speed read my way through this story so that I’d know the answers to all the questions it posed, I forced myself to take it slowly. I wanted to understand what was going on, I needed to feel the emotional highs and lows, and more than anything else, I wanted to get to know Hunter and Cam better.

You’ll need to pay close attention while reading Dancing Men, especially when it comes to the mystery of the urns which has its origins more than a century before the present day, and involves quite a few players. I can only imagine the amount of research that must have gone into this part of the story and I’m more than impressed with how this mystery unfolded and both the answers and outcome I encountered near the end.

As for Cam’s secrets, they wrecked me. Initially I was heartbroken, unwilling to believe what I’d read or that it could be true. But that was before I recognised the beauty of this shocking revelation; accepting and learning to live with it is the ultimate commitment both men can give to each other and as such a glorious thing.

Finally there’s the matter of Cam and Hunter needing to learn to trust both each other and themselves. They are irresistibly drawn to each other, perfect together, but is that enough to overcome Cam’s doubts about the future and Hunter’s conviction that he’s incapable of relationships? Can Cam trust Hunter not to walk away again and is Hunter brave enough to concede that staying with Cam doesn’t mean giving up on himself?

Yes, I’m fully aware I’m being horribly vague in the previous paragraphs, but revealing any more detail would be cruel towards those who haven’t read this book yet. The various journeys in this book should be enjoyed without preconceptions or expectations.

It has to be said, Hunter Dane and Cameron Snow have joined my short but exquisite list of Doms and subs I adore. The dynamic between them is as exciting as it is beautiful; perfection without abiding to any preconceived rules or expectations. Yes, their sex scenes are hot and imaginative beyond words, but it is so much more than that. BDSM is often more about the mind than the body and these two men prove that time and again. They don’t follow any rules except their own, make up their relationship to be what they both need and want and, in the process become real, convincing me of their perfection together.

Long story short: Dancing Men was everything I hoped it would be, and then some. I strongly recommend you read these books if you enjoy well written, imaginative, and not for the faint of heart BDSM stories. You’ll love these books if you like well plotted and intriguing mysteries. But, most of all, you’ll lose yourself in this world if you are looking for a couple to infiltrate your heart and take up residence there. I for one don’t think there will ever come a time when I’m not ready for more Hunter and Cam. Consider me addicted.

Happy Birthday Cam!!!!!!!

November 5th happens to be Cameron Snow’s birthday. He will be turning twenty-four. To celebrate the occasion the first story he features in, On His Knees, will be available for free for 24 days, starting November 1st. If you haven’t met Cam and Hunter yet this is your opportunity to meet these two amazing men and lose yourself in their world. But, proceed with caution; chances are you won’t be able to stop reading about them once you start. You can claim your copy here:

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