Sunday, 9 October 2016

Bigfoot Hunters in Love by Jamie Fessenden

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The blurb

When Stuart bought a house in the country, he thought he’d have some quiet time to write. The last thing he expected was to be chased through the forest in the middle of the night by something massive and hairy that can run on two legs. When he literally runs into a ranger named Jake, he learns the bizarre truth: he’s just had a Bigfoot sighting. 

Jake rescues him, but Stuart soon discovers he hasn’t seen the last of Bigfoot. There’s a family of the creatures out there, and Jake has been tracking them for years through the state parks of New Hampshire. Soon Stuart finds himself caught up in Jake’s quest… and in very close quarters with the handsome ranger himself. 

My thoughts

This book was so much fun. As an uncomplicated, angst free story filled with fun and humour, it kept me entertained from start to finish.  

I have to be honest and admit that my first reaction when I looked at the cover was: ‘that’s a bit over the top’. And then I read the book and realised the cover is as perfect for this story as a cover could possibly be. Not only because it perfectly conveys the light-hearted tone of this novella but also because poor Stuart ends up flashing his bits in all sorts of awkward (for him) and fun (for the reader and Jake) situations.

Yes, we are most definitely dealing with a case of insta-lust, insta-infatuation, or even insta-love but hey, there’s nothing like a stressful situation to bring strong feelings to the forefront. And if finding yourself face to face with Bigfoot isn’t stressful, I don’t know what is. And besides, both men in the story are well aware of the fact that they’ve only just met and can’t really put any expectations on the other, even if it doesn’t stop them from hoping that maybe the other man shares their hopes.

I read this book with a huge smile on my face from start to finish. I adored Stuart’s dog, Thor who loyally tries to protect his human from the big-footed intruders and in the process causes Stuart a lot of trouble, but also brings him in contact with Jake. And Stuart and Jake were nice characters; the sort of men I would love to be friends with. And yes, the two of them are rather hot together too.

I liked that even the characters in the book aren’t prepared to make definitive statements with regards to Bigfoot, despite the fact that they’ve been up close and way too personal with creatures that closely resemble the descriptions of this myth. And I liked the fact that they decide they’d rather keep the creatures safe than make a name for themselves by revealing what they’ve discovered even more.

Overall this was a fun and fast read — perfect for a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

“If you get me killed before I deliver these samples to a lab, my ghost will stand at the foot of your bed every night and stare at you, moaning.” - “Kinky.”