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Pages: 46
Date: 10/04/2014
Grade: 4+
Details: no. 3 Calendar Men
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The blurb:

“Supermodel Helena Flores didn’t plan to fall in love with her Marine pen-pal, but that’s exactly what happens when she starts corresponding Seth Morgan. He’s funny, kind, and so hot she can’t stand it. In an effort to see if Seth can like her for her who she is on the inside—and not just as a swimsuit model—Helena pretends her job in the fashion industry is behind the camera rather than in front of it. But soon it’s time for Seth to come home and Helena tells him the truth, hoping he can forgive her deception.

Seth Morgan had been falling in love with his sweet and feisty pen-pal for months. When he finds out who Helena is, he wonders what she sees in him. Worse, when he meets her in the flesh, the reality is even better than his fantasy. But what can you do to keep the girl who can have anyone? Seth hopes the answer is a seduction so thorough and pleasurable she won’t ever want him to leave.”


My thoughts:

Was there ever the possibility of me not reading a book titled ‘Seducing Helena’? I guess not. And, while it can be risky picking a book based solely on the title, I’m very glad to say I got away with it this time.

Helena Flores is a supermodel who enjoys her job and the lifestyle it allows her to have, but feels lonely in a world where everybody knows who she is and wants a piece of her but nobody appears to be interested in exactly who she is. When she sees a picture of Marine Seth Morgan she feels an instant attraction to him and jumps on the opportunity to correspond with him, while keeping her identity secret.

The emails from his funny, sexy and feisty pen-pal are a life line for Seth during his last few months as a Marine. It isn’t long before the two are sharing sexual fantasies as well as anecdotes from their lives. When Seth discovers who Helena really is, he has doubts about his ability to be able to fit into her world. He can’t quite see how a simple man like him could ever be good enough for the superstar the woman he’s beginning to fall for is. But Seth has a plan; his seduction of Helena will be slow and sensual. He is determined to proof that it is the woman he’s interested in, not the beautiful and famous model.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was a short, light, funny and sexy read; more or less what I expected. However, ‘Seducing Helena’ was more than that.

For starters, the main characters in this book, especially Helena, are anything but stereotypes.

Helena knew her beauty was considered unconventional for the modelling world, with her curves, dark brown skin and bold nose.”

That description doesn’t just make her unconventional in the modelling world; romantic fiction could do with a lot more a-typical characters as well and it was wonderful to come across one here. Especially one as fun and captivating as Helena. Here we have a woman who owns her own life, knows what she wants and is not only willing, but happy to pay the price for it.

I liked that Helena was not only in control of her life but also confident about her body and fully engaged and unashamed about her sexual appetite. This woman can give pleasure as well as she can receive it and doesn’t make a secret of her desires. No false modesty, no weakness and no surrender; if Seth finds himself in control of the situation it is because that’s how Helena wants it.

 I liked Seth as well. He may be like fish out of water in Helena’s world, he is willing to embrace it because it is part of who she is and he has fallen for her. The macho Marine is perfectly happy to follow his woman’s lead when he’s out of his comfort zone and looks all the stronger for it. And his slow and restrained seduction of Helena, while suppressing his owns burning need for, her was both touching and hot.

I was impressed with the way the author touched on the fact that this is an interracial romance and pointed out some potential pitfalls without making it the focus of the story.

The very, very hot emails between Seth and Helena were a treat and a wonderful lead up to the moment they get together. In fact, I don’t think I was bored or distracted for a single moment while reading ‘Seducing Helena’. Ann Mayburn may be yet another author I’ll have to further investigate.

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