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Pages: 106
Date: 08/12/2013
Grade: 4+
Details: no. 3 The Science of Temptation
              Received from Carina Press
             Through NetGalley

The blurb:

1 Sexy Switch + 1 Nerdy Newbie = A Master Class in Seduction

After several years as a submissive, psychology lecturer Beth is eager to experience being on the other end of the whip for a change. When she meets sweet but socially awkward Ed at a party, it’s obvious the aerospace engineer is interested—and obvious he’s way too vanilla.

When tracking down a friend lands him in a BDSM club, Ed’s eyes are opened to a whole other world—and a whole other side of Beth. Then Beth’s former Master shows up, and Ed agrees to play along as her sub in exchange for a real date. The biggest surprise of the evening? How much he enjoys letting her take control…

Beth’s ex makes it clear he wants her back, but she needs more from a relationship than he can offer—and not just the freedom to explore her switch side. At first Ed is just an enthusiastic student. But the more she gets to know him, in and out of the bedroom, the more Beth wonders if he’s everything she desires…


The Big Bang Theory meets BDSM is really the only way to describe this delightful and sexy series by Delphine Dryden. This is my third visit with ‘The Science of Temptation’ stories and I’d be hard pressed to pick a favourite. All of them made me smile, all of them were hot and all of them gave me hours of pure reading bliss.

I adored Beth and Ed. On the surface they’re so very different they couldn’t possibly be a match. Beth has been in a D/s relationship for years, always the submissive to Aaron, who needs his Dominance like he needs to breathe. Aaron, the man who wouldn’t take her seriously when she told him she wanted to be the one in control occasionally. Aaron, who, despite the fact that she told him six months ago that she was finished with him, expects her to fall back into her old place, at his feet, as soon as he snips his fingers.

Ed is everything Aaron isn’t.  Literally a rocket scientist, Ed has never even thought about BDSM, never mind experienced it. When he accidentally finds himself in a BDSM club he’s surprised by the emotions the scenes evoke in him. When he voluntarily pretends to be Beth’s sub when Aaron walks in to stake his claim on her, Ed discovers he enjoys what she inflicts upon him.

Ed and Beth soon discover that they have a lot in common; they both like to switch roles in the bedroom, they both enjoy geeky games and more than anything, they both enjoy the others company. But the path to true love rarely runs smooth. When Beth finds herself in a situation where she has to take care of Aaron and he professes his love for her, she starts doubting her decision to leave him. Unsure whether Ed is only a rebound infatuation and questioning the doubts she has about Aaron it will take her some time away from both men to figure out what it really is she wants.

This was a very sexy and yet an incredibly sweet story. Beth’s doubts were made sense and were, thankfully, not dragged out. Ed’s patience was adorable and realistic because it had its limits. Aaron is less well defined than Beth and Ed but I was grateful that he wasn’t painted as a completely one-dimensional character.

This is a story featuring BDSM and as such contains scenes that some might find objectionable. On the other hand, it is a heartwarming love story more than anything else; an easy to read novella with quite a few moments that will put a huge grin on your face as well as some that will raise your temperature. 

What really worked for me is that the story wasn't predictable. Ed, who is new to the concept of and experiences with BDSM isn't shocked or bothered at all by what he experiences. He doesn't panic about enjoying his submission to Beth, he just goes with the flow and sees where it takes him, and is rewarded with some amazing experiences. Beth, who should know what she's doing, what she likes and what she wants is the one who ends up confused and wondering about her feelings and needs. This was a very nice reversal of the usual story-line.

I was also impressed that the story turned away from the pure BDSM dynamic and portrayed two characters who discover that what they really want is to have fun together. In the end neither wants or needs to label themselves as Dom, sub or switch; they're playmates who enjoy having kinky fun together without the need for labels and in the knowledge that both are ready and willing to play any role on offer. 

It was also refreshing to read a story in which the lucky suitor isn't the perfectly build, rich, complicated and powerful stereotype but rather the more unkept, geeky, uncomplicated and loyal boy next door.

Before I forget I should mention the bonus story at the end of the book. It is the retelling and continuation of a scene that takes place early in the main story and is a wonderful surprise just when you thought you’d reached the end.

I can only hope that Delphine Dryden will continue this series because I’ve developed quite a taste for these geeky kinksters.

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