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GREAT MINDS A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story
Helena Stone, December 2013

 Five more minutes. He should be back shortly and she was ready for him. It had all gone according to plan. They’d had dinner with their son Tom and his girlfriend Melanie and now Séan should be on his way back from bringing them home. A few moments from now he would be walking through the door, just as Christmas Eve turned into Christmas day, and everything was ready. New curtains on the window, matching covers on the bed; during the hour Séan had been gone Karen had changed their bedroom from a boring but restful place to sleep into something that resembled a boudoir. God, she hoped he wouldn’t hate it.

If only she could be sure he was going to like her little surprise. Karen had never done anything like this before. Up until now, during the 22 years of their marriage, their 25 years together, all Christmas presents had been conventional; clothes, CD’s, books; the sort of stuff everybody bought for their partners. This year, the first Christmas they would be spending alone together in over twenty years, she’d decided to try something else. The idea had been inspired by the books she’d found herself reading more and more often recently; stories about men who were in charge and the women whose greatest pleasure it was to submit to them.

This was something he definitely wouldn’t be expecting and something she thought he would love. But she couldn’t be sure. Doubt was starting to creep in. What if he thought she’d gone mad or worse, what if her little idea disgusted him?

She could hear the car pulling up outside. Séan was back; too late to change her mind now. She had to bite the bullet and stick with the plan. A quick glance in the mirror at the reflection she didn’t quite recognise later, she heard the front door open and his voice…

“Karen? Karen, where are you?”

“Upstairs Séan, in the bedroom. Could you come up and give me a hand for a moment?”

Karen listened with trepidation as he climbed the stairs, counted the three steps that took him to the bedroom door. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes as the door opened. She heard his deep intake of breath but refused to open her eyes. Lying back on the bed she waited for what would happen next.

“Oh Holy Night.”

Séan sucked in his breath. Dear God, this was not what he’d been expecting. He looked at his wife, stretched out on their bed and had to shut his eyes for a moment. Was he really seeing what he thought he saw in front of him? Was that beautiful creature stretched out on the bed Karen, the wife he thought he knew through and through?

He looked again and took his time taking in the picture. His Karen, lying on her back on the bed she had apparently freshly made with deep red covers. Her long dark hair was spread out behind her head. Eyes closed, long lashes leaving shadows on her cheeks in the light from the various candles alight around the room.

Séan’s eyes travelled down, following her long neck and found an item of clothing he had never seen on her before. The basque she was wearing was white and very tight on her. It pushed her luscious breasts up and revealed a teasing glimpse of the areole around her nipples. It beautifully accentuated her curves; her middle slim and pronounced, her hips wide and welcoming. Slowly his eyes continued their way down her body. She was wearing a tiny white thong and her white stockings came half way up her thighs which were slightly spread, showing off how the thong cut into her folds and disappeared into the crack between her ass cheeks. Séan took a deep breath as he felt his cock react to the sight in front of him.

Beautiful, his wife was so beautiful. She always was, but this was something he had only ever envisioned in his dreams.

“Please Séan, say something.” She only whispered the words and he could hear the worry in her voice. “If you hate me like this I’ll take it off again. I thought, hoped you’d like to see me looking sexy for you, but if you don’t...”

Her voice faltered and with her eyes still closed she started to get up.

“Stay!” His voice was gruff and louder than he had intended. “Don’t move, please. Let me look at you.”

Slowly Karen relaxed back into the bed. Her eyes still closed she lay in front of him, perfectly still; perfectly sexy.

“So beautiful” he whispered. “Karen, you’re so beautiful. I need to look at you, touch you. I …”

He stopped talking, lost for words. There had been many times when he’d wanted to suggest to her that she wear something sexy. He’d spent so many nights dreaming about the things he would do to her if only she’d let him. Was it really possible that she felt the same? Could it be that after all these years together they still had new things to discover about each other, new sensations to explore and experience together?

A slow smile spread across his face as he glanced at the bag he had carried into the house with him. He’d been concerned about this particular present, but maybe he’d been worrying needlessly.

“Keep your eyes closed, baby” he whispered as he climbed onto the bed.

Shuddering slightly Karen obeyed his order and kept her eyes closed. So far so good. He didn’t seem upset or angry. He’d called her beautiful. He seemed to like her little surprise. Would he act on it? Would he take things further? And if he did, how far would they go?

She heard a sound and it took her a moment to identify it as a bag opening. A bag?

Séan was next to her on the bed now. She could feel his weight on the mattress next to her. She wanted to open her eyes and look at him, watch his eyes as he was looking at her but he’d asked her not to. Slowly she turned her head in his direction

“Keep them closed, girl”. His voice sounded commanding. This wasn’t a request, it was an order. An unexpected surge of pleasure went through Karen’s body. That…exactly that was what she had been fantasising about.

She felt his hand stroking her cheek, her hair and moving to her neck. She kept her eyes closed as he lifted her head off the bed and put something over her eyes. It was only when she heard the sound of Velcro that she realised he’d put a blindfold on her.

A blindfold? Since when did they have a blindfold?


“You’re not the only one with surprises tonight, beautiful. It is hard to believe but we seem to have had the same idea at the same time. Trust me. I know what to do.”

“Trust me”, he’d said. Of course she trusted him. But what did he mean; the same idea at the same time? And what, if anything, besides the blindfold had he brought into their house?

Anticipation and heat made Karen shudder, and she could feel the flimsy material of her thong getting wet. And then his hand was back, lightly stroking her face, her neck, her collar bone slowly moving downwards until it was moving over the exposed top of her breasts.

“I like the front fastenings on this bodice of yours, Karen. Very handy.”

She felt his fingers move to the zip and pulling it down a little bit, releasing more of her breasts. The mattress moved and his mouth was on her nipple, his tongue slowly stroking the sensitive area as his hand moved to her other breast, kneading, rubbing and softly pinching the nipple.

In the dark there was nothing Karen could do but feel. She felt his fingers, his tongue and oh…. His teeth bit down on her now hard nipple and a short sharp pain shot through her body. She was about to shout stop! But the pain turned into something else, something that made her womb contract and her mouth release a slow moan.

“Oh baby” there was a groan in Séan voice. “We’re going to have so much fun. Just leave everything up to me.”

Yes, that was what she wanted; what she craved. To leave everything up to Séan, to follow his orders, to do as he said. She couldn’t tell him, not with words, but she wanted to submit to him so badly.

His mouth moved to her other nipple as his hand travelled down her body to the exposed top of her legs. Teeth again, more pain followed by intense pleasure as his hand stroked her thigh in slow circles. Heat shot through Karen’s body and she felt herself moving, trying to get his hand to touch her where she was getting wetter by the second. But Séan wouldn’t be rushed. He withdrew his hand and mouth and Karen heard the sound of the bag opening again. Excited she tried to imagine what might be coming next. Just the anticipation, the thought that he had another surprise for her made the need in her body greater. Now both his hands were on her breast, pulling on her nipple, making it even harder than it already was. And…a pinch. He attached something to one nipple and moved over to her other breast.

“Nipple clamps, my dear. Trust me, you’ll enjoy this.”

Again the pulling, the hardening and the sharp sting as he attached the second clamp to her very sensitive bud.

A small groan escaped Karen’s lips. It hurt but it was so good. The short, sharp pain went straight from her nipples to her cunt. She was no longer wet, she was soaking. Her body started to move restlessly on the bed. When Séan pulled on whatever it was that had to be connecting the two clamps, Karen screamed out. Oh god, this was good. No it was too much. No it was good, perfect.

“More Séan, please I want more.”

“More of what Karen? Tell me what you want and I’ll give it to you.”

She moaned. “Everything. I want everything you want to give me. I want you to do with me, to me, whatever you want. I want to be yours, to do with as you please.”

Séan looked in wonder at the woman in front of him. He had really thought he knew her, and now this. How did his wife know exactly what he wanted, needed from her? He’d never told her about his fantasies, too afraid of scaring her, disgusting her.

How could she be more perfect for him than he had always known? Séan looked and saw the blindfold, the clamps and the chain. He couldn’t help himself and pulled again, watching as she squirmed on the bed, smiling at her loud groan and delighted when her ass moved off the mattress looking for something she wouldn’t be getting for a while yet.

Karen couldn’t believe the sensations rushing through her body. Sure, she liked sex. She’d always enjoyed the intimacy between her and Séan but never before had she been this ready for him to plunge into her without him licking or stroking her cunt first.

The closest he’d been to that wet and needy part of her body this night was the light strokes on her thigh and she was desperate for him to go further, put fingers into her hotness, touch her clit, and put his strong hard cock into the wetness that was now seeping through her panties. The need was so strong it made her whimper.

“Please Séan, please touch my cunt.”

Séan’s heart skipped a beat. Never before had his wife used that word. If he’d needed proof that she wanted this… His cock reacted immediately as he  smiled and shook his head before realising that, of course, she couldn’t see him. “Not yet my dear." There is so much more I want to give you first.”

He looked at her long legs. They looked glorious in those tights. That naked flesh between the top of them and the bottom of her bodice was so tempting. But he didn’t want to rush things. Rome wasn’t built in one day and their sex-life wouldn’t be transformed in just one night.

Séan brought both hands down to her ankles and started stroking them lightly. Very slowly his fingers moved up Karen’s legs, running circles over her calves, lightly teasing the soft skin at the back of her knees, pushing up the outside of her thighs and down again. His fingers travelled from the outside of her legs, over her knees to the inside and started their upwards travel again. He watched in wonder as Karen’s body started to move underneath his hands. Her ass was rubbing on the covers, moving up and down, sideways; looking for friction that couldn’t be found.

Her legs spread wider as his hands stroked higher up her legs. A slow moan escaped Karen’s lips as his fingers reached the bare skin, just inches away from her now soaking wet panties.

He stared intently at that wet piece of material. She was open to him. He could see it through the thong. Unable to resist any longer he pushed his fingers towards that centre of heat between her legs.

The anticipation was killing her. Karen was squirming on the bed. She yearned for his touch. She was on fire; she needed his fingers inside her. They were so close. She tensed a bit as his fingers moved from the top of her thighs to her centre and groaned in frustration as they separated just before reaching her opening. She could feel his fingers on either side of her swollen folds, stroking and teasing her until she was whimpering. She was so wet now. She could feel her juices flowing out of her, downwards through her bum-crack to the new covers. She was moving her body. She shifted, trying desperately to get his fingers to actually touch the need but all she got in return was a chuckle before he withdrew his fingers completely.

“Surrender to me baby. Don’t try to force my hand. I’ll give you everything you need… eventually.”

In protest Karen shook her head, but she stopped moving. Her compliance paid off. Séan’s hand was back. She felt his fingers slide to both sides of her cunt. She groaned as they pushed the material of her thong into the wide wetness between her legs. She tensed as his hand moved to the top of her underpants, pulling the material upwards and sighed when she felt the stretched material push against her clit.

“Oh yes!” Without thought she started moving her bottom again. More, she wanted more of that friction. She heard his small laugh as he pulled the material one more time before once again abandoning her to her need.

Séan was in heaven. She was so ready for him. It would be so easy to just rip that thong and plunge into her, hard. But he had only started. He had been dreaming about doing just this for so long. He’d been so afraid she wouldn’t be up for it. Now that he was living his dream he wanted to make it last. But first…

The mattress shifted as Séan climbed off the bed. Blindfolded, Karen could only listen as Sean removed his clothes. She could hear him; taking of his pullover, slowly opening the buttons on his shirt, releasing his belt and… Why was he taking his belt out of his trousers?

She heard his zip going down, felt the mattress move when he sat down and removed his shoes and socks and again when he got up to step out of his trousers. Anticipation was killing her. Her body was covered in a light coating of sweat; heat was running through her. She barely noticed the pinch of the clamps on her nipples anymore unless she moved, which resulted in a dart of lust travelling straight to her wet pussy.

Séan moved his weight onto the mattress again and lifted her body. He took her hands and used the belt to tie them together. He was tying her up? She opened her mouth to ask him what he was doing but his finger dropped across her lips.

“Trust me.”

Her hands were pushed over her head and next thing she knew she couldn’t move them anymore. He had tied her hands to the bed, leaving her stuck in place and powerless to move away or touch him.

A frustrated groan escaped Karen’s lips just before Séan’s mouth found hers and kissed her, deep. His tongue ran over her lips, touched her teeth and slipped into her mouth, stroking her tongue as she answered his demands, stroke for delicious stroke. One hand twisted into her hair, pulling her head back and exposing her neck while he continued his attack on her mouth. His teeth gripped her bottom lip, sucking it into his mouth and then his tongue was working again, pushing itself into and out of her mouth in quick, relentless movements.

Karen’s body was moving again. In her imagination his tongue was his dick, her mouth was her vagina and he was fucking her, hard. She moaned against his mouth, begging for more without words, wanting more penetration, real penetration. “Please, Séan. Oh God, please!”

His mouth left hers and moved down. His lips and his tongue were kissing, licking and teasing her neck, slowly moving ever further down. When his mouth found her clamped nipple her body shook. She felt the tension moving from her breast to her cunt, slight contractions shot through her womb. She was so close to coming and he hadn’t touched her cunt or her clit at all. She didn’t know how that was possible. She had never experienced anything like it. She was so hot, so needy, why didn’t he…

Karen sighed with relief when he removed her thong. The cool air on her hot wet pussy was delicious. When she heard his deep sigh she smiled. Another part of her Christmas surprise. And by the sound of it the wax job she’d submitted herself to had been well worth the money; and the discomfort.

“Oh darling.” Séan’s voice was filled with wonder and love. “Oh my beautiful, sexy love. This is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a long time.”

Suddenly Séan couldn’t stop himself from touching his wife anymore. He had to know if she felt as smooth as she looked. He had never seen her this naked, this exposed, before. His fingers stroked over the swollen folds of her cunt. God she was wet, and so smooth. No trace of stubble, not a single hair to be seen, nothing about her hot little hole was hidden from his eyes. His rock hard dick started throbbing with renewed passion. How much longer would he be able to hold back? He wanted to push himself right into her. He needed to feel that naked wetness surrounding his pounding cock, squeezing his dick. But not yet.

The mattress moved again as Séan moved Karen’s legs further apart and knelt between them. His fingers were still stroking her thighs, her folds, touching her heated centre but never entering it. Frustrated Karen started moving her body again. She couldn’t wait any longer; the need was too great. Fingers, dick, she needed something in her cunt. But once again, as soon as she moved, Sean removed his fingers. His hands moved to her thighs and pushed them further apart, and down, towards the mattress.

A small breath of air moved across the wetness between Karen’s legs and over her sensitive clit. She shuddered, cried out and pushed her bottom up, desperate for more contact. This time Séan didn’t deny her. She sighed deep and contented when she felt his lips on her cunt, his tongue licking her folds and pushing in between them. Oh, his tongue. It seemed to be everywhere. Moving from inside her cunt to her clit and back again. Up, circling her throbbing little knob, and down again pushing itself in and out of her cunt. She squirmed and bucked, unable to lie still. She was so hot, so close. His mouth travelled up to her clit again, sucking on it as he slipped a finger into her heat.

“Yes!” She screamed it out. She needed this, she needed more. And he knew. His finger slid out of her again but before she could get frustrated about it two fingers pushed back into her and started pumping, while his mouth continued to suck on her clit, bite it, lick it.

“Don’t stop. Please Séan, don’t stop. I’m oh… Sean, I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m…”

Pleasure surged through Séan as he watched his wife have an orgasm like nothing he’d seen before in their 25 years together. Her body tensed, bucked and tensed some more. All of her was shaking, her bum pushed high from the mattress, her cunt pressed forcefully against his mouth. And he continued sucking, pumping his fingers in and out until his beautiful wife collapsed back to the bed. In the future he’d want her to wait for his permission; tonight her patience was enough.

Karen was dimly aware that her back hit the mattress. Her body was limp, felt as if all her bones had turned liquid on her. She was tingling all over and her breath was escaping in short, fast bursts. What the hell? No, heaven, this was heaven. Who knew she could feel like this? After all those years of good sex she had discovered great, wonderful, mind-blowing, ecstatic sex. And… she wanted more.

“Séan? Please Séan, let me touch you?”

She needed to show him how grateful she was. She had to find a way of making him feel as good as she did. She sighed as he untied her hands and took the belt away. She reached up, wanting to remove the blindfold, but he pushed her hands back down.

“Leave it in place my little treasure. You look so lovely with that blindfold over your eyes. I’ll lead the way.”

His hands grasped her upper arms and he pulled her up until she was kneeling on the bed. When he removed the clamps from her nipples a sharp pain shot through them. Sharp, but not unpleasant; not unpleasant at all. Someday soon she’d think about that.

“Move forward a bit, love.”

She shuffled forwards until her knees hit the edge of the bed. His hand was on her face, stroking her cheek, her hair and then his fingers pushed her chin up, pulled her head forwards until her lips met his dick. His hard, throbbing, powerful cock.

She inhaled his smell and stuck out her tongue. She flicked it over the head of his dick and tasted the little bit of pre-cum that had leaked out. She licked again and pushed her tongue against the little hole at the top. A small smile stretched across her face when she heard his groan, felt his dick move of its own volition against her mouth. Spreading her lips she took the top of his cock into her mouth, sucking softly and stroking with her tongue. She was going to make him feel just as good as he had made her feel.

Séan couldn’t repress a second groan. God, his wife had a clever mouth. He’d always thought she hated sucking him off, and now she was sampling him as if he was a delicacy. Her tongue was stroking, teasing his throbbing cock and the soft sucking of her mouth made him want to beg her for more, deeper, harder. But he didn’t. He was going to stay in charge of this evening if it killed him. He brought his hand to the back her head and pushed her a little bit closer to him. His dick slid in deeper and a tremor ran through his body. So good.

“How deep can you take me Karen? Take me as deep in your mouth as you can.”

Her lips moved up his cock, towards his belly. She took more and more of him into her hot little mouth, never stopping her sucking, her tongue continuing to torture him. He could feel her gag reflex around his cock when she went too far. Wanting to please, Karen was being very good; she only withdrew a little bit and started pushing again. Trying to take all of him.

He hadn’t thought it was possible but his dick got harder again. Lust was throbbing through his cock, it was almost impossible to think. He needed to stay in control.

Karen felt Séan’s dick grow even harder in her mouth. Yes! She was doing this. She was giving him pleasure. She loved his groans and his hand on her head. The urge to gag scared her a bit but she refused to give up. She wanted to make this perfect for her lover, her husband. How had she never known how good it felt to give him pleasure; to concentrate just on him? Power and heat rushed through Karen.

She started to bob her head back and forth, taking him in as deep as she could. Sucking, bobbing, licking. His groans got louder; he was muttering words she couldn’t quite make out. Feeling daring she brought one of her hands up and cupped his balls, squeezing softly and felt pleasure shoot through her when his whole body stiffened in response. His balls were hard and tight, his dick was throbbing and his breathing was erratic.

He was close. She knew it, could feel it. And she was going to make him come; in her mouth. She was going to swallow his cum. She’d always refused to do that, thought it was disgusting. But now, she wanted to taste more of him, give him everything she had, anything he wanted. Closer; just a little bit longer, a tiny bit deeper. If she sucked just a little bit…


Shocked by the shout Karen drew back. Had she done something wrong? She knew he’d enjoyed it. Why did he make her stop?

“Turn around and put your ass up. Now!”

This wasn’t a request, it was an order and Karen felt her body obey before her mind had a chance to process what Séan had said.

His hand moved over her bum, stroking that firm rounded and very white flesh. One day soon he’d do something about that colour but for tonight…

 A sudden pinch made her squeal and left her breathless and then his hand was on her cunt. She was still soaking wet, open and ready for him. Séan positioned himself between his wife’s legs and took his now painfully throbbing cock in his hand. The tip found the heat and he pushed. He had the urge to just ram himself into that wet heaven but restrained himself. He did not want to risk scaring her now. Steadily he pushed himself further and further into her cunt and felt its tightness grab his cock like a vice.

“I’m going to fuck you till you scream, wife.” His words were a growl in her ear.

“Yes” she whispered. “Yes, please, fuck me hard. Hard Séan, I want you hard.”

Karen’s request shocked them both and was almost more than Séan could take. Thoughts disappeared, control was gone. He withdrew almost completely from her body and rammed himself back in. Groans escaped their throats at the same time and suddenly they were fucking each other. He was pushing into her, harder and harder and she was meeting him, stroke for punishing stroke. Small shocks of pain shot through Karen’s still over-sensitive nipples with every thrust. Sean brought his hand down and found her swollen clit. Only one rub and Karen shot over the edge, her cunt convulsing around his dick. One, two more pushes and he joined her, shooting his cum deep into her insides while she continued to tremble around him.

Exhausted Karen collapsed and felt Séan following her until he was resting on her back, his dick still inside her but slowly losing some of its hardness. Her mind was empty, she couldn’t think, couldn’t talk. She was completely wrecked and felt better than she had in a long time. This had been so much more than she had been hoping for when she planned her surprise.

As soon as he could feel his body again, Séan moved off his wife and turned her to face him. He brought his hand up and stroked her face, her lips and her hair before releasing the blindfold. Looking into Karen’s eyes he saw the same complete satisfaction he felt and smiled.

“You liked that then, my pretty one?”

“Hmmmmmm” Karen just smiled.

“I like that outfit you are wearing. It makes you look so available, so irresistible.”

For a while they just lay there, looking at each other, stroking, lightly kissing and smiling.

“I guess it’s true what they say about great minds” Séan said. “Between your basque and my bag of presents we seem to have had the same idea at the same time. Happy Christmas baby.”

It was a while before Séan felt strong enough to get up again. Naked he walked to the side of the bed and picked up a large carrier-bag. Turning around he put it on top of the wardrobe where he knew Karen wouldn’t be able to easily reach it.

“Lets shower and sleep, love. It’s been a long and exhausting night.”

“But Sean, what about the other things in your bag? Aren’t you going to show me your other presents?”

The face looking at Karen wore an expression she’d never seen before.

“My dearest Karen” his grin seemed a bit cruel, “we have only just begun our journey of discovery. This night is very much to be continued…”

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