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Snowed In (Cam & Hunt Forever 4) by Adira August - Release Day Review

147 pages
Publisher: RedDeer
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Trapped in his foothills hideaway by major blizzard, Camden Snow struggles with the storm raging inside his lover. 

In the pre-dawn darkness, Hunter Dane moaned and thrashed under the comforter. Finally, the nightmare receded. He settled, breathed deeply several times, and opened his eyes. 

"You okay?" Cam asked. 

“Sure," Hunter smiled, half-awake, not remembering. "I'm here with you. Safe inside the storm. Away from ... all the crap of the last few weeks.” 

Cam moved his hands over Hunt’s body, soothing and gentling. He needed to think. 

“Safe inside the storm.” 

Not safe from the storm, but safe inside of it. Isolated. Buried. 

But Cam knew Hunter wasn’t safe; he'd brought his demons with him: a dark and twisted possession. And being snowed-in for days would allow that darkness to eat away at Hunt until his very skin would seem too small and he'd beg Cam for the flogger. And hate Cam for denying him. 

There was a solution, but the so-called "ultimate Dom" was afraid. So very afraid the fragile bonds between them would not survive. 

To help Hunter, he had to do the one thing he swore he would never do. 

A 30k novella exploring the power of trust. Book 4 in the Hunt&Cam4Ever series.

The first three: On His Knees, Matchstick Men and Dancing Men are available on Amazon. 


As anybody who has read my reviews for the previous books featuring Cam and Hunt (they’re all linked below if you haven’t) will know, I adore these two men. And which each subsequent book my love and admiration for them grows deeper. Snowed in brought my love for them to a whole new level, which seems appropriate because the whole story centers around the two of them growing closer and intensifying their love for each other.

First things first. Unlike Matchstick Men and Dancing Men, this is not a mystery. If I had to compare this story to any one of the prequels, I’d pick On His Knees. While that book portrayed the start of Hunt and Cam, this story is all about them becoming closer; concentrating on each other without the outside world distracting them.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a Cam & Hunt Forever story if it wasn’t sexy, and kinky, and at times borderline non-con.

Hunter lay back, panting, open, completely at the mercy of the sadist who knew none. 
His way. Or his way.

But in these stories, the sex scenes tell the reader as much about who these men are and how their relationship is evolving, as the ‘platonic’ scenes do. Every word, every action, and every intimacy brings these two men closer together, and I was right there with them. Hunt and Cam have worked their way into my heart and I find myself fully invested in their on-going relationship. The fact that these are hot stories is really only a small part of my fascination.

Hunt dropped his forehead to Cam’s. “You’re mocking my tragic PTSD, you know?”
“Sadist,” Cam reminded him.

Snowed In, like its prequels, is what I like to think of as ‘total immersion reading’. These stories give me everything; I smile, laugh out loud, frown, and cry while Cam and Hunt find their way. Their journey is mesmerising and their love for each other breathtaking. And in each subsequent book we get to know these two men better. In this instalment we learn a little about Hunt's background and family, and it explains so much about the man he is and his attachment 'issues'. More than that, Hunt opening up about his history shows the growing and every strengthening bond between these two men, as does the fact that Cam trusts Hunt to be there for him, even if his future looks grim.

I would love to litter this review with quotes and long exposés explaining why they affect me in such a powerful way, but I’ll restrain myself. For me the joy I get from reading these books stems from the fact that I get to fully experience every single step of their journey without prior knowledge, and it’s a pleasure I wouldn’t want to take away from other readers by revealing too much.

While you could, if you desperately wanted to, read this book as a standalone story, I strongly advice against it. These two men truly are on a life changing journey together. To deprive yourself of even one single step along their voyage would, to my mind, be a crying shame. Cam and Hunt captured my attention in On His Knees, and with every subsequent instalment they worked their way deeper into my heart and mind. I’ve only just finished Snowed In and already find myself eagerly awaiting the next story. As book-boyfriends go, these two men have joined an exclusive and very short list of characters I can’t imagine ever getting enough of.

 “I don’t need breaking, Cam. I don’t think I’ll ever need that again. You put yourself in me. Now I’m always touched.” – Hunt

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  1. Oh, Helena. I'm just crying here.

    What a beautiful thing you wrote about my boys. It's such a pleasure to write and have someone get everything you want to convey as a writer. And I know you understand because you are such a lovely writer, yourself! No wonder you're Hunter's favorite.

    Thank you. addi<---srsly can hardly see to type thru tears ...

    1. Oh my. Trust me, no thanks are needed. You and your men bring me joy with every subsequent story. You found yourself a fan for life. <3