Sunday, 2 December 2018

Goldilocks and the Bear by Clare London

36 pages
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One week, two men, three Christmas trees. 
And hopefully a fairytale romance.


Gil is under pressure. His fairly recently opened book/coffee shop isn’t doing badly, but he’s only barely managing financially. To make matters worse, days before Christmas, he’s facing the holidays on his own. His ex-boyfriend betrayed him a year earlier, and since then it’s been Gil against the world. But, Gil may look fragile and pretty, he’s made of sterner stuff. Which is just as well because…

Bruin, a gentle giant, or maybe a ginormous teddy bear, is definitely ‘sterner stuff’. For one as big as he is, he is also charmingly easy to embarrass as well as thoughtful and caring. If maybe somewhat thoughtless when it comes to transporting Christmas trees.

But then, if it wasn’t for a ginormous Christmas tree stuck in the door of his café, Gil would never have met Bruin and Goldilocks would never have found, not only the perfect tree, but also the perfect bear.

Funny, easy to read, and grin enticing, this was Clare London at her best. The story isn’t long and yet, Gil, Bruin, and a host of inspired secondary characters all jump off the page fully formed and in vivid colour.

I loved how neither Gil nor Bruin’s character lived up to what the perceived stereo-type, based on their appearance, would be. And I adored the banter between these two.

Goldilocks and the Bear is a truly joyous book and a great addition to my Christmas collection.

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