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Holographic Havoc by L.M. Brown - Release Blitz with Guest Post


Book Title: Holographic Havoc
Author: L.M. Brown
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre/s: Romantic Comedy, Futuristic (Near future)
Length: approx.18,300 words/49 pages
Release date: October 27, 2017


Hayden Knight’s job is simple. All he has to do is sell his father’s latest invention to Tate South, the Acquisitions Manager of the biggest supplier of the best in cutting-edge technology. The virtual assistant is designed to help the user in all aspects of their life, but Hayden views the holographic helper as nothing but a nuisance. Keeping his annoyance to himself is relatively easy until a major technical glitch causes Tate to see and hear Hayden’s assistant. 

Hayden and Tate are thrown together while they try to figure out what has happened, and the chemistry between them is electric. Hayden soon finds that convincing Tate that he needs a Holo-Assistant isn’t as important to him as persuading him he needs Hayden in his life. 

The attraction is mutual and the sparks fly. If only they could get rid of their holographic third wheel.


Guest post

Private Information – What's That?

How many of you have seen an advertisement on social media today that has been tailored just for you? 

Everyone who has been on Facebook, I'll bet.

I have lost count of the number of times I have seen Kit Harrington, Sam Heughan, or Jensen Ackles on my feed wearing a t-shirt that says never underestimate a woman born in August who loves Game of Thrones/Outlander/Supernatural, depending on who the actor is in the picture.

That tells me that someone somewhere is farming information about me including my gender, my date of birth and my TV viewing habits.  I do watch more shows than those three, but they are the ones I tend to end up chatting about online.

My birthday is set to private, though apparently it is somewhere out there for the ads to pick it up.

No doubt you have seen similar adverts.

If you are on the internet, you can't go anywhere without information about you being gathered along the way.  If you do your Christmas shopping online you'll no doubt be bombarded by ads for things you would never purchase for yourself.  I get some of the weirdest novelty items on my feed throughout January – yes, I am a last minute shopper and haven't even started it yet – until eventually they disappear and the usual stuff (books!) reappear.

Our online wanderings are traced and our information is harvested without us being able to do a great deal about it.

In my new book, Holographic Havoc, the gathering of personal information is still happening in the early 22nd century and is as much a part of the lives of people there as it is our lives today.

Even though the story is a romantic comedy, there are some underlying truths within it, and one of those is just how scary it is that how our personal and private information is all online for the taking, if someone has the key. 

Still, we wouldn't want to be without the internet, would we?   LOL-cats after all are a writer's biggest distraction.


Hayden finally gave up on sleep at half past six, got out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom. 

His assistant followed him. Unfortunately, there was no way for Hayden to turn off the assistant for a little privacy. The first time it had hovered beside him while he took a piss he had tried to shut it down. That was the moment he discovered the assistant was a permanent fixture in his life. The only way to remove it would be to undergo surgery to remove the neural implant, something his father wouldn't allow until he had thoroughly tested it. 

The Holo-Assistant, a highly advanced piece of technology was the brainchild of his father and Hayden was one of the guinea-pigs testing it for him. A program designed to manage all aspects of a person's life, from scheduling appointments at work to ensuring a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. It was every app a person could ever want, all rolled into one holographic assistant. If Hayden had known what he was letting himself in for, he would have thought twice about it. Not that his father had given him much choice. As head of the marketing department for Knight Inventions, it was Hayden's job to sell the product and his father believed that the only way for Hayden to truly believe his sales pitch was for him to have experienced the wonders of the invention for himself. 

Hayden tried to ignore the holographic nuisance as he stepped into the shower and closed his eyes. 

A loud groan coming from outside the cubicle caused Hayden to jump and bang his elbow on the tiles. "What the hell?" 

He rubbed his eyes and eased open the shower door. Hovering in front of him was a holo-screen playing porn. The actors were giving it their all, moaning and groaning loud enough to wake the dead. His assistant stood beside the screen with a stupid smile on its face. 

"Shut down film," Hayden snapped. There was a time and a place for porn and this unholy hour of the morning wasn't it. 

"Would you like an alternative?" the assistant asked, bringing up a long list of titles and stills from what appeared to be every porn film Hayden had ever watched and more besides. 

"No, I bloody don't," Hayden replied. 

"I believe you'll find it will assist you in maintaining your schedule." 

"Excuse me? What schedule are you talking about now?" "

As part of maintaining your well-being I have allotted you time to masturbate." 

Hayden goggled at the assistant. "What did you say?" 

"I have allocated you time to masturbate," it obligingly confirmed. "With the assistance of a film of your liking it is estimated that you will require two minutes for this task." 

"Oh for crying out loud." Hayden slammed the door, shaking the glass, and shut out the frustrating hologram. He wasn't sure what annoyed him the most, the fact that the wretched program had allocated him time to wank, or that it had only allowed him two minutes for the job.

About the Author

L.M. Brown is an English writer of gay romances. She believes that there is nothing hotter or sweeter than two men in love with each other… unless it is three. When L.M. Brown isn't bribing her fur babies for control of the laptop, she can usually be found with her nose in a book.

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