Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Trust Me by K.C. Wells

Trust Me by K.C. Wells
Pages: 89
Date: February 2, 2016
Details: #2 Lightning Tales
E-book / Own

The blurb:

“Ric Costanza and Connor Ferguson grew up together, friends all the way through high school – until Ric pushed Connor away when they were both sixteen. Self-preservation is a very strong force indeed. 
Connor had his own theory as to why it happened…

When they meet up eight years later, a lot of water has passed under the bridge. Ric is about to enter the priesthood and Connor is engaged to Keira. Except all is not as it seems. Ric is a mess, and Connor wants to help.

What starts out as a simple offer to provide a shoulder for a former best friend becomes more than both men bargained for.”

My thoughts:

How many of us have made big, sweeping statements about what we would like to be when we grow up at the tender age of eleven? Most if not all of us, I’d say. How many of us ended up doing what we thought we wanted to do? Hardly anybody I’d guess. And how many of us were held to that statement by our parents? Hopefully none of us. But that’s exactly what happens to Ric when he announces he wants to be a priest aged only eleven. His mother is ecstatic about his ‘calling’ and never allows him to forget it. Ric goes through the motions of preparing for priesthood all the while doubting not only his vocation but also his sexuality. By the time he’s twenty-four Ric has run out of time; he either has to commit to priesthood and celibacy or come clean to his family.

Connor tells himself he’s bisexual and is engaged to Keira for reasons that have nothing to do with love. He was attracted to Ric when they were both in high school and when Ric suddenly became distant, effectively ending a years-long close friendship, Connor is convinced it is because of those feelings, although he has never expressed them. Little does he know Ric created the distance because he felt a similar attraction to Connor and didn’t know how to deal with it.

When Connor and Ric are twenty-four they meet after years of separation. The attraction is still there but so is Ric’s reluctance to give in to it. Ric has a huge decision to make.

Okay. So I probably should have read this book before reading See Me, but I have to say it didn’t lessen my enjoyment of either book that I read them out of order.

Just like Teach me and See me, Trust Me is a charming, sweet and sexy story. All three books deal with big issues in a gentle manner. The problems are addressed but not milked for effect or drawn out. For me this way of telling a story works very well. I don’t always need detailed descriptions of pain, angst and fear in order to recognise and feel them. I also like that these books come with wonderful happy-ever-afters but don’t give unrealistic resolutions.

Of course since this is a K.C. Wells book it is very well written; a book that almost reads itself. The characters are far from perfect and all the more recognisable for it. And of course the sex scenes are descriptive and very hot. Trust Me was ninety pages of pure reading delight and I can only hope that there are more Lightning Tales in the making.

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