Wednesday, 29 July 2015

NEON WHITE Episodes 1 - 3 by Wulf Francu Godgluck

NEON WHITE 1 - 3 by Wulf Francu Godgluck

Pages: 32 + 74 + 62
Date: July 29, 2015
Details: A Tooth, Claws and Horns Chronicle

Episode 1:

The Blurb:

“It's been a weird day for Detective Raven White, which is really saying something, as he is the only detective dealing with Paranormal and Supernatural cases in Quebec. First there was the stranger in the coffee shop who sucked Raven's finger and then licked him. Then there was the missing person's report.
Which is how Raven finds himself paying a visit to Freshán Chetlér, with no clue as to what awaits him...
Raven's life is about to undertake a monumental shift.”

My thoughts:

So here’s the thing. I’m not a fan of serialised novels and tend to stay away from them until the full story is available. I’m kinda compulsive when it comes to my reading and prefer to read a story from start to finish – if at all possible in one sitting. But the blurbs and reviews for these three episodes sounded so intriguing I’ve decided to break my own rule and go ahead and read them.

Episode 1 was a tremendous opening. I think it took two paragraphs for the action to kick in and me to lose myself in the narrative. I like the idea of humans and supernatural beings have to share the world, trying to find a balance and ways to deal with prejudices.

Raven was a fascinating character and his dog allergy (and what a thing to have in a world inhabited by normal dogs as well as Werewolves and Lycans) provided a few lighter and funny moments as well as endeared him to me.

Freshán Chetlér or Bla’Gar, even if Raven doesn’t know that name yet, was an equally fascinating character. As a very old demon he is much more powerful than Raven, and yet Raven’s presence and especially sexual contact with Raven leaves him almost powerless to control his true nature. What’s not to love about a super-strong character being rendered almost helpless by someone who should have been much weaker? And when Bla’Gar and Raven come together.... Well, hot doesn’t begin to describe it.

I’m very glad to say that while it is very clear the story isn’t over when this episode ends, it didn’t end on a cliffhanger. I’m even gladder that I have episode 2 lined as my next read.

Episode 2:

The blurb:

“Raven White is finding it very difficult to forget Chetlér - the demon has had a profound effect on him. But the daily grind goes on, bringing with it a new partner, an invitation to the Winter Ball, and an attempt on Raven's life.
No one attending the Ball could have foreseen how it would end - in blood and death.”

My thoughts:

I really though episode 1 was action packed and a fast ride, and then I started episode 2. There is less interaction between Chetlér and Raven in this instalment, but they are never far from each other’s thoughts. Raven feels neglected and hurt, but still can’t resist the Demon while it is taking all Chetlér has not to push Raven too far and too hard. But just as it seems that the two may have found their way back to each other tragedy strikes and the book ends...on a cliffhanger. I am so very glad I already had the third episode and could just keep on reading.

I’m impressed with these stories so far. This is not a genre I regularly read or even gravitate towards but I have to question those decisions considering how much I’m enjoying myself in the company of all sorts of supernatural and fantastical creatures. This author has a writing style all of his own and while it did take me a chapter or two to get used to it, I have to say I really like it now. Somehow the way he phrases the thoughts and speech of his characters seems to fit them perfectly, to the point where I can almost hear them.

Episode 3:

The blurb:

“This is going to be a bloody shit day.
The Alpha is missing, for one thing. Raven's partner Jessy is still struggling to deal with his death. Finding out that his body is missing from the morgue is a big enough shock, so what happens next is going to be unbelievable... 
Especially for Raven.”

My thoughts:

Because episode 2 ended on a cliffhanger I moved straight on to the third instalment only to have to wait before finding out what had happened to Raven. Not that the story before we get to Raven’s lot wasn’t fascinating and equally enthralling but I was on the edge of my seat until I learned more about what had happened to Raven, only to discover he no longer is the Raven we have gotten to know and love in the first two episodes.

Meanwhile Bla’Gar has a personal and new set of problems to deal with because the young alpha he’s been protecting and taking care off has disappeared without a trace.

Raven’s transformation forces Bla’Gar to cooperate with Jessy’s, Raven’s co-enforcer which means the young woman has to overcome a hatred she’d felt all her life and accept new truths. Meanwhile James, the man Jessy spends the night with, isn’t quite what he seems either; is he even human at all?

To say the tension rises in this episode does not do the story or the author justice. Where the first two instalments gripping and exciting, this one doesn’t let up from start to finish. Everything I thought I knew about this story and these characters has been thrown up in the air and, as yet, I have no idea where they’re going to land because this book, wait for it, ends on not one but two cliffhangers. And, I’ve run out of luck because book four isn’t available yet. I’ll probably grumble about having to wait but I can honestly say that despite my intense dislike of cliffhangers, the way this book ended did not affect my enjoyment of the story at all.

I just hope the author will get the rest of the story to us sooner rather than later. I’ll be one-clicking that one the second it goes live.



  1. Sounds refreshingly different. Thanks for the rec!

    1. It certainly is. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did.